2013 CAL Stitch of the Month Afghan – The Edging

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2013-09-20 12.17.57We are finally at the end of the 2013 CAL!  If you have followed along, from the beginning, when you complete this last step, you will have a complete afghan, just in time to give as a gift, or to snuggle up in this winter yourself!

The edging is actually very easy.. just 2 rounds!

©2005-2013, KRW Knitwear Studio. For private use only. Duplication of this pattern is a crime and will be punished by law.  Please observe all copyright laws. Please contact the author for permission to use elsewhere. 

Rnd 1:  Join yarn in any corner with sc, sc in same corner as join; * 2 sc in next ch 3 sp and in each ch 3 sp to next corner, 3 sc in corner; rep from * around to beginning; sc in same corner as join, join to 1st sc with a sl st.

Rnd 2:  Ch 7, dc in 4th ch from hook and in same st as joining, sk next 3 sc; * dc in next sc, ch 4, dc in 4th ch from hook and in same sc, sk next 3 sc; rep from * around; join with sl st to third ch of be ch-7.  Fasten off weave in ends!

When you are done.. Be sure to send me photos!!  Enjoy your afghan!!  :)

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