June 2014
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Goodbye Korea!

It’s been nearly four months since we took a plane halfway across the world and came to this faraway place that we have called our home. It was overwhelming in the beginning but we have had a lot of great adventures here, met many friendly and wonderful people, and have enjoyed the local food . . . → Read More: Goodbye Korea!


How to See Jeju-do in Two Days

Want to see Jeju-do but don’t have a lot of time to spare? Perhaps you can follow the itinerary that we took to explore some of the island’s most beautiful sights in only a couple of days.

About Jeju

Jeju-do is a beautiful volcanic island in South Korea just south of the mainland. It is . . . → Read More: How to See Jeju-do in Two Days


More Dorm Life, Fireworks and Some Photos & Videos

The Korean fall is great. A few days have been chilly, but it’s been warm overall. While normally in Montreal by this time the temperatures would be near freezing and the trees would be nearly bare (I say normally because right now Montreal’s also experiencing some pretty nice weather), over here the weather is . . . → Read More: More Dorm Life, Fireworks and Some Photos & Videos


Hiking on Dobongsan

Last weekend we went for an amazing and strenous hike on Dobongsan peak in Bukhansan National Park, just north of downtown Seoul. We left Inha in the morning and had pancakes and coffee at a street vendor for only chun (1000) won.

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21-Oct-2007 12:36, CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. EX-Z600, 4.3, 6.2mm, 0.003 . . . → Read More: Hiking on Dobongsan


PR, Open House, Seoul Fireworks Festival

A summary of what we did in the past week:

-Had dinner with the PR director, whom we’ve been tutoring in English since we got here, went to Olive, an Italian restaurant, it was surprisingly really good, had me a chicken penne

-Corrected the international relations annual report, felt like work, but no pay . . . → Read More: PR, Open House, Seoul Fireworks Festival


Weekend in Seoul

This weekend we had a fun trip to Seoul and saw many places such as Seoul Tower, Cheonggye stream and the Insadong market.

I had my first experience eating street vendor food and it was not very pleasant, to say the least. I’ve never felt such bad stomach cramps in my life… so I . . . → Read More: Weekend in Seoul


First Day at Inha

We’ve arrived at Inha! It was a long trip, halfway across the world, but we’re finally here!

The Initial Preparations

On Thursday night, we said our final goodbyes to some close friends and then I went over to my Oma’s to park my car and do a final packing and check of my luggage. . . . → Read More: First Day at Inha