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Sharpton endorses NYPD community gun snitch program to promote 'civil rights'

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“Civil rights leader Al Sharpton on Friday joined forces with New York police to cut the number of illegal guns on the city's streets,” Bernd Debusmann Jr. of Reuters reports.

How does Reverend Al intend to help Furious Mike’s Finest combat Guncrime?

By promoting NYPD’s “Gun Stop” program:

$1,000 Reward

For information leading to the arrest of anyone who possesses an ILLEGAL HANDGUN


1 866 GUN-STOP

1 866 486-7867

If you know someone who is carrying, selling, or using handguns illegally, call anonymously:

1 866 GUN-STOP

1 866 486-7867

Remember: You don't have to leave your name...

I’ve addressed this un-American abomination before. Aside from encouraging a snitch culture to suppress what is supposed to be a Constitutionally-recognized right, here are some other consequences, unintended or not:

If I'm a drug dealer and I want to eliminate the competition, why not let New York's finest do the job for me? Chances are, my rivals will be packing, so I'll not only get them busted, but I'll collect a cool grand per head. And if I'm really lucky, maybe one or more of them will go for their waistbands and I can get the cops to take 'em out for me.

Or what if I'm just mad at somebody? What if some bum has stolen my girl or I think a guy ripped me off or I'm just a creep who wants to victimize someone for the twisted hell of it? This would be a pretty sweet way of doing that, wouldn't you say? Sic the cops on 'em, maybe get 'em killed, and remember: even the police won't know who I am.

Then there’s this:

Or what if I'm one of those policemen Commissioner [Raymond] Kelly doesn't trust? What if I have no probable cause for a search warrant, but I don't want to let the Fourth Amendment get in my way any more than the Second does in NYC? Why not just call in the tip myself, and enjoy a toll-free bypass around the Constitution?

But don’t expect to see the opportunistic Sharpton turn down media exposure because he cares more about the liberty of his constituency than he does about self-promotion. Or for Commissioner Ray to turn down a chance at promulgating more of the meaningless babble that agenda-driven “authorized journalists” like Debusmann seem to lap up:

Sharpton has "been against gun violence in so many different forums, and he's been particularly aware of and concerned about the toll that it's taken on the black community"…

That would be Gunviolence, Ray. And I can’t help but notice that blaming it, as opposed to aberrant individuals, and characterizing it as a cause rather than an effect, allows you, Sharpton, Bloomberg, et al. to keep on exploiting a community that is most directly and negatively impacted by a continuing history of the destructive government policies you rely on to keep them dependent on you for solutions.

Hey, anything for a power base…anything for control

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  • Profile picture of Robert Fowler
    Robert Fowler 3 years ago

    Can I make tips from Iowa? I could always use a grand or 2. Sharpton has always been a racist fool, this just reinforces the truth. Between him and Reverend Jesse they have just about cornered the market on the race card. And the sad reality is, neither of them care about "their race". All they care about is getting their name in the media.

  • Kerodin 3 years ago

    Another aspect of the Left's operating principles: Snitches.

    Here in the DC area we have digital signs that span across our highways & interstates. The typical message advises Citizens to report anything suspicious to a Terrorism Hotline.

    There is no need for such a hotline - all Americans know 911. The purpose of the signs is to condition Americans that it is ok to snitch and defer to Government in all matters.

    We are walking - willingly - into the teeth of the most efficient police state the world will have ever known.

    Good article, David.


  • Profile picture of Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith 3 years ago

    Or what if I just want to 'hassle' my ex - just to give him a bad day? Perfect!

  • Anonymous Rex 3 years ago

    Any reason we can't all call up and snitch on Rev. Al?

    DDS -- NRA Life member

  • Kahrcarrier 3 years ago

    Sounds a lot like a very good friend went through in Serbia several years ago. Turn in anyone not of your faith/political background. What a piece of garbage-Sharpton. In fact, I think he has an illegal gun. Please mail my $1000 check immediately.

  • jrp1947 3 years ago

    Sharpton has about as much creditability as a three time loser and he is a joke any time he opens his mouth in my opinion. He is an over weight jerri-curled black man who is desperate to get anyone to listen to him on any subject. as for taking guns off the street how are new york taxpayers going to like the cops giving out a grand to some snitch to get one gun while potholes and a dirty city beg for relief. We all know where the priorities are in New York City and it is not on making life nicer with tax dollars for the average and poor in New York. It is about grandstanding and wasting money. If you still live in New York and put up with this then you deserve everything you live with from the poverty to the filth to fact you can't let go of 9/11 and move on with life. Maybe Sharpton is shooting his mouth off in the right city after all. New Yorkers are fools for even letting this man or anyone who supports him politically be in office.

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