FIRE Animal Control Director Mark Kumpf and Pass laws to Prevent deaths caused by  unleashed dogs.
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Montgomery County Ohio Commissioner
Dan Foley
Montgomery County Commissioner
Deborah Leiberman
Montgomery County Ohio Commissioner
Judy Dodge
Mayor Dayton, Ohio
Gary Leitzell
State Sen. Keith Faber
Gov. John Kasich

FIRE Animal Control Director Mark Kumpf and Pass laws to Prevent deaths caused by unleashed dogs.

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      Clare Livingston

A woman was found naked, and shredded in her own driveway in Dayton Ohio. Her winter coat and all her clothes were torn off by the neighbors two vicious dogs.  Klonda Richie a 57 year old Ohio  woman called animal control OVER A DOZEN TIMES in Montgomery County to try to get protection from the neighbors two pitbull mix dogs.  The county FAILED her and she still had to pay taxes. Montgomery County Animal Control Director Mark Kumpf told the news "this unforeseeable tragedy could not be prevented. "!!!!!!!!!!  The Animal Control director is well paid by tax payers that expect him to do his job. This is what happens when people with a political agenda are put in charge. The animal control director was active in promoting legislation to repeal Ohio's breed specific legislation that banned specific dangerous breeds that kill. News 2 documented that the animal control agency received complaints on the loose dogs for over three years!   

Dan Foley, Montgomery County Ohio Commissioner
Deborah Leiberman, Montgomery County Commissioner
Judy Dodge, Montgomery County Ohio Commissioner
Gary Leitzell, Mayor Dayton, Ohio
State Sen. Keith Faber, Ohio-012
Gov. John Kasich, Ohio
FIRE Montgomery County Animal Control Director and Pass laws to impose high fines and criminal charges to dog owners that do not follow leash laws.

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    • samantha hughes DAYTON, OH
      • 2 days ago

      He is illegally holding my dogs.. saying im abusing them, but I take better care of my animals than most people take care pf their kids!!

    • Ari Allen GIBSONIA, PA
      • 17 days ago

      Animal Control officers need to start being accountable. Some are good, but most are NOT!

    • Roger Safmsel HOUSTON, TX
      • 3 months ago

      Mark Kumpf is a public official in a position of trust responsible for public safety. He has failed in his duty. His statements that nothing could have prevented this tragedy are patently false. HE could have prevented this tragedy and he refused to do so.

    • Patricia Johnson DOLGEVILLE, NY
      • 3 months ago

      The blood of this poor women is on his hands! Fire him.

    • Timothy Bridwell DAYTON, OH
      • 3 months ago

      Klonda Richie was a good friend and co-wokers. Mark Kumpf is ineffective to be Director.


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