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Super Audio CD


In the early 80s, Compact Disc introduced the supremacy of digital audio in the consumer market. However, audiophile people were still looking for a better sound recording system which could offer the transparency of analog music, without the drawbacks most of the analog recording system had presented so far. Thanks to recent improvements in optical reading technology, such a high quality can now be proposed : SACD is presented as a new generation audio format which takes advantage of digital disc medium, particularly in terms of data integrity and size, while being as close to the original analog signals as a digital format can afford. Indeed, you can nearly 'see' the original waves in the SACD bit stream !

Nowadays, introduction of a new format is not any more the result of one company's great invention. First, a new recording system like SACD includes several technical discoveries (sound improvement, compatibility, copyright protection,...) which have been developed in various labs all around the world. Besides, many companies have to gather around such a new format, for obvious financial reasons, but also for standardisation of the related products. Although Philips and Sony form the core of the SACD project, many other companies (especially in disc edition) have taken part in the original specifications, and many manufacturers have joined the group to promote (and sell) products based on this new technology.

The purpose of this document is to provide an exhaustive description of the SACD technology. Indeed, SACD is often announced as a new high-end audio format, which proposes a much better sound resolution than current audio medias, while being compatible with current CD players. But there are of course a lot more to say on SACD, particularly for those who are interested in manufacturing products based on this new technology, but also for audiophile people who would like to understand how music quality is going to be improved.

In other words, we will try to explain in a clear language 'everything you ever wanted to know about SACD technology...'.

Now, let's explore SACD : from its original technical specifications until its excellent copyright protection system, with complete details on the hybrid support and the new technologies like Direct Stream Digital and Direct Stream Transfer, ...

Chapter list
SACD original specifications
Hybrid disc structure
Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
Super Bit Mapping (SBM) Direct conversion
Direct Stream Transfer (DST)
Sector format, error correction and channel modulation
Data organisation
Digital Watermarking, Signal Pit Processing (PSP) and Jitter reduction

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CD, DVD, SACD : DAISy and Philips technology
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SACD : DAISy and Philips technology

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DAISy : Digital Audio Industrial Supply