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Title  Berliad's Desert Island Modules List
Author  Berliad
Submitted / Updated  08-02-2005 / 12-21-2006
Category  Top Picks
ShortDesc  My list of personal favorite modules.
Description  I've played well over 100 modules since May '04. Here I'm listing the modules that I've enjoyed the most. Hopefully this will be useful to people who are looking for recommendations on fun modules to play.

My preferences: I like a bit of action, but I'm much more interested in good stories, dialog, and npc interaction. If that sounds like you, you'll probably like most of these selections.

For more detailed comments, look under "View Stats" on each module page to read my comments on these modules -- they're often fairly in depth (erm...long), and are listed under either Berliad or Brandiles (switched handles on the vault a few months ago to be consistent with the Bioware forums).

Update: Obviously, if a module is not on this list, that does not mean that I would recommend against playing it. There are many mods that I've enjoyed tremendously that are not on this list. This list just showcases those modules that were my personal favorites. As such, this list is simply one player's opinion, and should not be taken as anything more than that.

Comments can be sent to:


NameLast UpdatedDescription
The Aielund Saga Act II - Defender of the Crown(v2.0)Section: Modules by Savant2011-10-09The highlight of the series thus far, starts with an exciting ship battle, and later revolves around a mysterious plot to take over the Aielund government. Exciting and interesting to the end.
AL2: Crimson Tides of TethyrSection: Modules by Alazander2013-02-08Amazing, epic adventure and brilliant story. Save Tethyr and her allies in Suldenessellar from a terrible army led by a powerful ogre mage. But beware--everything may not be as it seems.
Black ThornSection: Modules by El Dano2007-11-01A unique, very original module. Search for a master of disguise in a tavern of delightfully bizarre characters.
Bone Kenning I: Art of the Thanaturge (v.1.04)Section: Modules by Wes Lewis2013-05-01Become a true necromancer, creating thralls to aide you in combat. Allows you to roleplay an intelligent evildoer, not just the typical maniacal psychopath.
Cormyrean NightsSection: Modules by Servilan2006-06-28Exciting city adventure. Very detailed, living and breathing city, tons of side quests, very open ended, and a captivating story (once you find it!).
Demon (v 1.8)Section: Modules by Adam Miller2006-07-09The finale of Adam Miller's amazing series, is one of the most custom content-dense modules to date. Spectacular, and a good story too.
Dreamcatcher 2 - Ocean Dreams (v 1.07)Section: Modules by Adam Miller2006-06-28Cool adventure under the ocean. It's short and linear, but there are lots of fun mini-games that integrate into the story. Really impressive scripting here, and it's fun!
Dreamcatcher 4 - Evermeet (1.07)Section: Modules by Adam Miller2003-12-12Dramatic and stunning end to the Dreamcatcher series. Lead a squad of elves to storm the badguy's castle, with exciting battles all the way in. Again, amazing scripting and great story.
ee1 - elegia eternum (full version)Section: Modules by Stefan Gagne2006-06-28Creepy and mysterious short story set as a module. It's full of puzzles and atmosphere. One of the more unusual modules on the vault.
ee2 - excrucio eternum (full version)Section: Modules by Stefan Gagne2005-07-19The sequel to ee1, even more freaky than its predecesser, though perhaps a bit more traditional. Great psychological thriller, especially in the ending.
the HeX coda 01Section: Modules by Stefan Gagne2006-07-09Another superb mod by Gagne, this one features an intriguing scifi/fantasy world, very well developed NPC's, and Gagne's best writing to date. Has the humor of the Penultima series with the solid storyline and gameplay of the EE series. Even though it's short, it almost feels epic in scope.
Kale's Rangers 2 - Sins of the Father (v1.66)Section: Modules by Stormrazor20002007-04-09Be a ranger! While KR1 suffered from overpowerful foes and little in the way of plot development, this one features an outstanding story, use of many custom abilities, etc. Great fun.
Lone Wolf Chapter 1 - Test of the Sun (version 1.05)Section: Modules by Altaris2005-08-07The revamped version of this classic module is a great improvement, and solves many of this mod's previous problems. More impressive now than ever before.
Lone Wolf Chapter 2 - Mysteries in the Night (version 1.04)Section: Modules by Altaris2005-08-07Exciting who-done-it adventure continuing the saga of Lone Wolf. Tremendous roleplaying and an excellent plot with lots of replayability. Your character really comes into his own.
Lords of Darkness 4 - For Crown and Country (V1.2)Section: Modules by Fantus2005-07-01The conclusion of this epic adventure features an outstanding story, good writing, and a *lot* of hack and slash. Minimal social skill checks and over-the-top combat, so play a character ready to get knee-deep in dead -- my fighter/weapon master was right at home.
Midnight CallingSection: Modules by Marc Price2005-05-12Part 3 in Price's series, this is by far the best. The story is excellent, the NPC interaction is superb, and the world he's created is rich and detailed. Features exciting "cinematic" camera system during dialogs.
The Nature Of A ManSection: Modules by Beerfish2005-07-20Beerfish's end to his epic high-level adventure through the planes of hell. A must play for anyone who has played the original Planescape: Torment, but would be a blast for anyone who likes a good story. Highly linear, but I barely noticed.
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 2, v2.00Section: Modules by Tiberius2092007-06-07Well realized, classic PnP-style city adventure. Many side quests with multiple outcomes, and generally good mystery surrounding the plot. Twist near the end requiring some tough decisions.
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 3, v. 2.00Section: Modules by Tiberius2092007-06-07Best thus far in the series. Alternative outcomes to each quest and side quest, superb writing, and some tangible plot development and exposition!
Shadow from a Soul on FireSection: Modules by Chris Huntoon2005-07-20The dramatic sequel to Huntoon's lv6-7 miniseries, this one is edge of pants excitement and terror. You'll be running for your life and loving every minute of it. Great story and spectacular ending.
Shadowlords 3 - Skull Gorge (v. 1.10)Section: Modules by Adam Miller2004-03-02The first really good module in this series, this dramatic dungeon crawl features great plot development and exciting action.
Shadowlords 5 - Enter the Shadow (v1.09)Section: Modules by Adam Miller2004-03-02The finale of Adam Miller's first series, Shadowlords, is its most interesting. It forces the player to make difficult decisions time and time again, really examining the nature of death. Henchman interactions, as always, are virtually unmatched. Terrific ending.
Some Distant ShoreSection: Modules by Chris Huntoon2004-11-21The best epic-level adventure to date. A short but good story that will challenge the player with difficult life and death decisions. Really treats you as if you are legend, which you should be by level 21!
Tales of Arterra - The Lost - 1.08Section: Modules by Kevin Chan2006-11-01Kevin Chan's debut is an amazing adventure set in his own world. Excellent story and even better execution of the story telling, with dramatic cutscenes and brilliantly-scripted fights.
Tales of Arterra - The Awakening - 1.02aSection: Modules by Kevin Chan2006-11-01As good as the first in the series was, The Awakening is better still. Amazing story, terrific henchmen, and an epic adventure if there ever was one.
Threat of Dreams 1 - The Hunger and the Sickness v3.5Section: Modules by Chris "GhostFactory" Thornton2005-10-01Nice short adventure with focus on interaction with great NPCs rather than combat. Terrific, creepy story with great and unexpected twists.
Threat of Dreams 2 - Hour of the Tongue v1.3Section: Modules by Chris "GhostFactory" Thornton2005-12-04The sequel to ToD1 has a decidedly different style. Events are rapidly moving into the supernatural. Absolutely brilliant writing. Very, very fun.
TorslundaSection: Modules by luspr2006-10-27A delightful and exciting low-level adventure set in the forgotten realms. Mysterious story, fun battles, and excellent NPC interaction.
Wyvern Crown of Cormyr Premium ModuleSection: Modules by DLA / BioWare2014-05-04The only premium module on my list, an excellent little adventure with brilliant custom content and a solid story.
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