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VoidSpace: Greenlight This

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VoidSpace is perhaps the most interesting MMORPG I’ve ever seen. Most MMOs have the tendency to be essentially the same – or rather, just another WoW clone – but VoidSpace legitimately looks different; like it’s an actually interesting and innovative idea for a game.The premise of VoidSpace is of a wide, open universe without static, already present infrastructure. Every single thing, from industry to quests, is created by the players that populate it. Although there is the fear that aimlessness may be a persistent problem, the idea of having a  truly organic universe wherein my purpose is defined by what I want it to be… It’s too dangerous to hope for it, but damn am I excited.

A good comparison to the economy that I hesitate to hope for in VoidSpace is the game Pirates of the Burning Sea. I loved the game so very much, but it failed due to problems with player interest (only so many people like playing with ships in the Caribbean and piracy and stuff). Essentially, unless they were made by a player, Ships and Ship Outfittings on market lack the buyers. Because of this, and each item required so many different raw materials, it meant the economy was almost entirely player driven. Prices fluctuated based on supply and demand drastically. A new influx of new players? Prices for lower-leveled ships shot up. A huge fleet of 1st Rate Ship of the Lines sink? You better believe the price for every raw material used to make them will rise in turn. It felt so natural and organic.

VoidSpace seems to promise all this and more. In Pirates of the Burning Sea, everything in the economy was based on the knowledge it would all be used in ship-to-ship naval battles and came with anticipated loss. In VoidSpace however, there appears to be no anticipatable economic needs – not just prices, but actual demand for item components and ship parts will vary based on players’ desires and ambitions. This allows for a lot more variance in the economy, and hopefully makes the players’ purpose in VoidSpace incredibly fluid.


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What also interests me is the inclusion of Dogecoin into the game’s monetary system. For those not in the know about our glorious Dogecoin, it’s a crypto-currency based around incredibly fast transaction times and inspired from the Doge meme. Read more about it here, but in short, it’s a cool crypto-currency with an awesome community. (Here’s the ever-happy and incredibly charitable subreddit as proof of their crazily intense kindness as a community) Dogecoin plays the role of a subsidiary currency within the game, offered as another way to barter between players. Because it is a real world currency with actual value, it means that it is theoretically possible to earn real money through the game.

All this combined with the many other promised features in VoidSpace, such as organic skill acquisition and cross-platform usability, and having the quality of being “always online” through AI possession of your character whilst you’re offline, makes VoidSpace one of my most anticipated games in a long time.

You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight here and also help fund it on Kickstarter!

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