Financial Stability & Sustainability

Service cuts are coming

For more than five years, Metro has taken extraordinary actions to preserve bus service as we experienced a $1.2 billion shortfall in sales tax revenue caused by the recession. We cut more than 100 staff positions, improved operating efficiency, raised fares four times, dug into reserve funds, and took many other steps to save or raise about $800 million from 2009 through 2013—but we have run out of tools to close the large, ongoing budget gap.

Without new funding, we have no choice but to cut service to balance our budget. Based on the forecast of increased sales tax revenue released in March, we’ve scaled back our proposed cuts from 600,000 annual service hours (about 17 percent of current service) to 550,000 hours (about 16 percent of current service).

The revised recommendation will do the following:

We worked very hard to avoid cuts and don’t want to make them. We know from our extensive public outreach over the past six months that many people will be impacted. People who rely on Metro will lose service, be inconvenienced, or ride on more-crowded buses. We value every one of our customers and will continue to do the best we can to get you where you want to go.


County Council accepting
public comment

The King County Council is considering a recommended set of service reductions. See their website for a schedule of public hearings and other ways to comment directly to the Council.

Public hearings Testify online

Cities can contract for
Metro bus service

On May 12, King County Executive Dow Constantine announced an enhanced program for cities to buy bus service to avoid transit cuts.