*A first name, if known, can prove extremely useful when trying to revive someone.


Emergency cards are red & white, credit card sized (55mmx85mm) protected by a slim pvc sleeve and are made from silk artboard.

The words ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’ are clearly visible when a card is placed (h/v) in the credit card section of a purse/wallet.

On the front there is space for the card owner’s full name as well as room for 3 next-of-kin or the details of friends/family (names & no.s) (If these individuals change their details @ just £1.50 the cards are cheap to replace.)

On the reverse of each emergency card there’s space to repeat the full name* and write down any medical or other important info.

There’s no guarantee that any emergency card will be found but the police and ambulance crews are very thorough and will go through personal possessions when searching for ID. The feedback from the emergency services (home page) have proven v positive.

Emergency cards may make it possible for loved ones to be told of an emergency or to be reunited; they could make someone aware of a medical condition or treatment/assistance required.

Emergency cards could also provide contact info so that children are collected from school/someone can rendezvous at the nearest hospital.

"My teenagers don't have ID so I bought them emergency cards!"
A Stephens, Brixton.

"My mum & dad are always out and about, now they have cards, I'm much happier."
R Stanley, Birmingham.

"My nan is partially deaf so I bought her a card for her purse straight away."
B Moseley, Standish.

"This is such a good idea. My father had a heart attack. I'll definitely get a card for me, my mum & my sister, as we all live alone."
T Dodd, Milton Keynes.

"I'm allergic to wasp stings, so I bought myself a card!"
R Short, Henley.

"My grandad takes heart tablets, his emergency card was an answer to my prayers.
Well done."
M Stacey, Redruth.

"£1.50 a card? Job Done!"
T Styles, Newport.

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