PCG, the representative body for independent professionals, has welcomed the call from Lord Young this week for business skills to be taught in schools.

PCG, the organisation representing independent professionals, has welcomed the debate on the report on personal service companies which took place in the House of Lords yesterday.
Matt Craven of PCG Affiliate, The CV & Interview Advisors picks out his top five strategies usually associated with big business marketing which could provide a boost to your strategy for winning work. 
The latest Business Distress Index from R3 (the insolvency trade body) shows that the number of British businesses showing signs of business distress is at an all-time low of 33%.
PCG hosted the first Global Workshop on Freelancing and Independent Professional Research on the 5th and 6th June in central London, in association with Professor Andrew Burke from the Cranfield School of Management and Professor Patricia Leighton from the IPAG Business School.
PCG, the representative body for freelancers and independent professionals, has today (11 June) reacted to the Government’s response to the House of Lords Select Committee on Personal Service Companies (PSCs).
PCG, the association for independent professionals, has highlighted the latest rise in self-employment detailed in today’s ONS Labour Market stats as another example of the shift in working practices occurring across the UK.
Following the recent episode of PCG Live: the economic landscape, the next episode will look at how stable the economy is, and whether the upcoming elections will put current positive growth in jeopardy.
According to PCG, the fact that small businesses, and flexible working, featured so heavily in the Queen’s speech today is indicative of the importance of this growing sector to the UK’s economic recovery.

PCG, the membership organisation for independent professionals, has today released its monthly Economic Analysis for May

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RT @RosieHLibell: Fab piece by @elashton on freelance mothers today!
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Great piece by @KatieAllenGdn about freelance mothers - check it out here
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Press Release: PCG welcomes call to teach business skills in schools
19/06/2014 09:19
Press Release: PCG welcomes House of Lords debate on PSCs
18/06/2014 15:46
Think marketing is just for big businesses? Think again. Here are Matt Craven's top five tips for winning work:
17/06/2014 15:45
PCG Affiliate @FASimms blogs on the latest Business Distress Index from insolvency trade body, R3
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Will upcoming elections put economic growth in jeopardy? We ask the experts on #PCGLive next week. Send us your qs
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Academics meet for first Global Freelancing Research Seminar:
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Government’s #IR35 response based on assumptions not facts, says @insidepcg:
11/06/2014 11:32
Latest @ONS stats show self-employment grew again by 1.6% on the last quarter & 8% on last year to reach 4,537m:
11/06/2014 09:31
RT @EfipUpdate: Thousands of freelancers call for new EU Parliament to support rising number of self-employed: @Free
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Not so grim up north - start-ups booming says report: (from @MENnewsdesk)
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Our next PCG Live episode will be on the 26th June: 'Is economic growth under threat?'
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Advantages of engaging freelancers: 1.flexibility, 2.specialised skills & knowledge & 3.reducing costs -@JohalSuneeta, PCG #pcgseminar 1/2
05/06/2014 13:50
RT @PCG_research: How freelancers add value to business & the economy: allowing the business to be more flexible & agile - Andrew Burke
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RT @PCG_research: Value of flexibility - The self-employed are attracted by freedom & meaningful work. @DuncanOleary @Demos #pcgseminar
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RT @PCG_research: PCG's first global workshop on freelancing & iPros research is just getting started! #pcgseminar
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PCG responds to #QueensSpeech with small business at its core:
04/06/2014 15:13
PCG's Economic Analysis for May: the UK economy is on the right track for the country’s smallest businesses
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PCG has called for the #QueensSpeech to outline measures to support the rising number of people in self-employment:
03/06/2014 15:02
RT @theSMExpert: PCG: Supportive measures for rising self-employed need outlining in Queen's Speech, says @insidepcg���
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@DBricelandBetts Thanks for sharing. The @theRSAorg have found that over 65s running their own business has increased by a remarkable 140%.
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PCG is now hiring a PHP Developer (full-time) based in our Westminster office. Please get in touch to
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RT @FreelnceParents: At @Demos/@insidepcg event on Wed to discuss how to give freelancers protection from risk & access to training. Any th…
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Agree or disagree? The 46 brands people would give up freelancing to work for: (from @MT_editorial)
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@BackTheMacUK We recommend asking @theRSAorg about the actual #s of over 65s in self-employment since this is based on their research. 2/2
02/06/2014 16:15
@BackTheMacUK Hi Peter - we are doing some research on this topic & will let you know when the results are published. 1/2
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@mstelmaszak @KariKoonin Hi Marta - sorry to hear you can't make the next event. Hope to see you at the following one!
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@KariKoonin @mstelmaszak We look forward to seeing you there! Register for free here: Please follow @WomanFreelancer
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@BackTheMacUK ‘84% of self-employed are more satisfied than in a conventional job.’ – RSA 4/4
02/06/2014 15:25
@BackTheMacUK 'Since 2000 the # of over 65s running their own business has increased by a remarkable 140%.' –RSA 3/4