• Zappos is famous for its culture of happiness. We experienced - and Infodoodled - the celebrated Zappos Culture Class at their HQ. ‘Twas the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

    Zappos is famous for its culture of happiness. We experienced – and Infodoodled – the celebrated Zappos Culture Class at their HQ. ‘Twas the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

  • Rockefeller-Mural-small
    Rockefeller Foundation

    A partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation and CEOs for Cities resulted in the visual display of voluminous amounts of information. Good thing we’ve learned how to think and Infodoodle™ with a quickness.

  • IMG_3976_small
    SXSW Interactive 2008-2013

    We introduced Performance Infodoodling™ to SXSW Interactive in 2008 and it has saturated the event ever since. Something about the combination of technology, live visualization and cocktails never seems to grow old.

  • 01-Visualizinsmalle

    The mission of CEOs for Cities is to engage cross-disciplinary leaders to design cities of the future. SB, Ink has partnered with them multiple times to help visualize the content of their character(s).

  • S05_BC12_How_Tablets_small

    To work with this tech-savvy giant, a digital Infodoodling™ experience is a requirement. Good thing our tablets and styli are road-ready tricks of the trade.

  • 00nowisourtimesmall
    Levi’s at TED Global

    Levi’s Go Forth campaign brought young talent from India to new heights at TED. We were dazzled by their capabilities and hoped our visualization of their content enhanced their shine.

  • IMG_3264_sunni_small
    LinkedIn Talent Connection Conference

    LinkedIn annually hosts Talent Connect, the corporate recruiting event of the year. (Who connects people better than LinkedIn?!) SB, Ink appreciated being looped in, linked in and connected via Manifold, the event planner who also knows a little about finding talent. Wink!

  • IT-transformation_small

    Dell and SB, Ink make great neighbors. They have volumes of complex and dense information to communicate and we just happen to specialize in that. It’s a match made in IT heaven, and the hits just keep on coming.

  • IMGP1953_small

    Kronos is dedicated to innovative workforce management, and they needed a little comic book love for their National Retail Federation Conference. We stood and delivered with an enthusiastic “POW!”

  • Union-Privilege-Mural_small
    AFL-CIO / Union Privilege

    Union Privilege provides consumer benefits to members of participating labor unions. They also happen to appreciate the value of large-scale content visualization during Leadership Summits.

  • Drive-to-75-small
    Blue Cross Hawai’i

    The Hawai’ian contingent of Blue Cross Blue Shield has an innovative, visual-thinker’s heart. We collaborated on many an Infodoodling™ opportunity, aiming to please the Big Kahuna.

Performance Infodoodling™

We LOVE great speakers and great content, but we hate that their insights linger so briefly at events, streaming in one ear and out of the other before new knowledge can really be integrated. That’s why we’ve spent years training Performance Infodoodlers™ — visual journalists (documented on CNN!)  that capture key thoughts and ideas large-scale and in real-time — translating concepts into words and pictures so the audience leaves with insights they won’t forget. Our Infodoodlers are talented and versatile, deploying a range of techniques and styles, and we work with you to tailor our approach to your event. At SB, Ink, we aim to educate and to please. We deliver the top-notch performance. You and your audience get the reward. (Those “wow” moments never hurt either.)

Use Performance Infodoodling™ to distinguish your event and your company:

  • Give the audience a more powerful, multi-sensory experience.
  • Give both internal and external stakeholders big-picture, visual summaries of speakers’ insights.
  • Give the speakers visual memorabilia of their content.
  • Build an onsite panoramic view of the intelligence and creativity as it emerges.

Group Game Facilitations

Many people think games have no business in the workplace, but we politely beg to differ. At SB, Ink, we take games seriously. We know they offer opportunities for exploration, discovery and insight unmatched by traditional thinking techniques. That’s why we designed a business gamification method called Gamestorming.  Based on a book translated into 15 languages, gamestorming combines visual + large-scale + game thinking to help groups analyze, align, innovate, investigate and solve any problem they face. We work with you collaboratively to design and lead participatory group sessions that help you and yours take smart, appropriate action that’ll move you toward any goal. As our gaming predecessors used to say, this ain’t hopscotch. Play is serious business. (And of course, it can be fun, too!) Game on.

Use Gamestorming to elevate:

  • Product, Service or Experience Innovation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Trust-Building and Team Performance
  • Any challenge posed by your current business environment

Innovation Sessions

Everybody talks about innovation, but the how of it remains a mystery. It’s not mysterious to SB, Ink. For years, we’ve studied how the mind and body integrate and we know what conditions are essential to spark new ideas. We use our proven Gamestorming methodology to design and facilitate innovation sessions to move your team to breakthrough products, services, and business models. We partner to shift habitual thinking patterns and help you see your business and your content with new eyes. Every human being has an innate capacity for innovation. It’s a matter of designing an environment and facilitating an experience that will unleash the creative problem-solvers within.

Partner with SB, Ink to:

  • Rethink your company perspective and approach on products, services or campaigns
  • Disrupt habit patterns and inspire lateral thinking
  • Establish a culture of innovation practices
  • Design patentable intellectual property
  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120319_068WEB

    Disruptive or visionary innovation is not based on genius, obsession, serendipity or eureka.

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120319_056WEB

    Innovation is not only available to the few, bright, “creative-types.”

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120319_046WEB

    To innovate is to understand that everything we “know” is subject to change.

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120320_297_web

    To innovate is to become confident–through practice–that we can be proactive agents of that change.

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120320_257_web

    Innovation is about learning techniques to perceive phenomena in a new light and knowing how to build and create from new awareness.

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120320_247_web

    Innovators recognize that ideas are infinite, swarming in the atmosphere, hovering, waiting to become known. Ideas are a regenerative resource.

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120320_193web

    Organizations who really drive innovative practices get certain things right:

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120320_135web

    Right people, right inputs, right environment, right process, right facilitator, right culture (even if it’s temporary), right amount of time, right effort.

  • SB_Sketchcamp_20120320_182web

    SB, Ink uses business-game thinking to build innovation sessions that are effective, transformative, and fun. We design and lead. You get results and learn. Ready when you are.