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Wikkii provides fully featured hosting for wikis on any topic, and best of all it's 100% free.

All wikis are powered by the popular and reliable MediaWiki software, which is exact same one used by Wikipedia.

Currently hosting 3,000+ wikis.

Get started now


Ready to begin? Then click on Start a Wiki to choose a domain to create your wiki on.

Your wiki will be created instantly and you can immediately start customising and adding articles.

For further details on what you get, please have a look at our Hosting Features.

Test it out


Not sure if our service is right for you?

Then take our Test Wiki for a spin. Test it out by adding articles, editing pages and other neat things.

If you are looking for Advanced Hosting with Cpanel and FTP access, please visit Wikkii.Net.

For creating just a few pages rather than a full wiki, feel free to use Wikkii.Org.

Any questions or problems please see the Wikkii Hub or post on our support forums.

What You Get

  • Your own subdomain, eg. example.wikkii.com
  • Unlimited diskspace (storage)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (transfer)
  • Completely 100% free
  • The same wiki software used at Wikipedia
  • Hosted on fast powerful dedicated servers

Featured Wikis

Latest News

19 February 2012 - The extensions CategoryTree, Loops and Variables have now been installed on all farmer wikis.

6 November 2011 - Advertisements are now shown only to anonymous (guest) visitors. Logged in users on wikis no longer see ads. Due to repeated requests, Advanced Hosting is made available again on Wikkii.Net, which provides a more robust wiki hosting solution.

1 November 2011 - We have opened up the Wikkii.Org domain for people who may only need a few wiki pages instead of a full wiki.

27 July 2011 - We are now happy to offer multiple domain names to create a wiki under. This should allow for more choice and make it easier to remember your wiki address.

11 July 2011 - The server move is now completed. Editing and new wiki creation has been re-enabled. If you experience any problems, kindly post on our support forums. Apologies for any inconvenience.

9 July 2011 - Editing and new account and wiki creation is currently disabled as we are moving servers. Please check again in 72-96 hours. Thank you for your patience.

28 June 2011 - The SyntaxHighlight extension has been installed by user request. You can now use the <syntaxhighlight> and <source> tags.

5 May 2011 - MultipleUpload extension has been enabled. You can now upload up to 10 files at once. Access the page at Special:MultipleUpload.

30 April 2011 - We have added the new skin, Monaco.

28 April 2011 - All wikis are now using Mediawiki 1.16.4. If you experience any problems, please post on our forums. You can use the new Vector skin by going to Special:Farmer/admin on your wiki. Some new extensions have also been added, such as Poem, ImageMap, RandomImage, WikiHiero and TitleBlacklist. Due to previous requests for interwiki linking, this has been enabled and can be accessed at Special:Interwiki. More details here.

27 April 2011 - We am currently working on upgrading Wikkii to the latest Mediawiki version, 1.16.4. If your wiki is not loading and has a database error, please check back later. Thanks for your patience.

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