Fender Color Chart

The purpose of this site

There are several attempts online to compile a complete list of the colors Fender has used. They typically take one of two approaches. Colours that Fender make now, with an emphasis on finding a color to fit each of the numbers 00-99, or a vintage focused attempt looking at the colors relevant to the more valuable of the vintage Stratocasters and Telecasters. A common error for the modern 00-99 version is that Fender has re-used several of the numbers, in some cases many times. The vintage approach looks only at the limited custom colours available at the time and ignores everything else

The aim of this site is to provide a resource that is as thorough as possible in documenting the various colors Fender has used over the years. Although made easier by the internet this is no easy task and I wouldn't like to claim this is anyway complete.

Recent Updates

There are three new sparkle colors as part of the FSR series, they are -

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