Senator Anderson Opposes SCA 17

In Committee Senator Steinberg made case for suspension in SCA 17
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today, Senator Anderson (R-San Diego) opposed Senate Constitutional Amendment 17, an amendment to add suspension to the California Constitution.  SCA 17 was introduced by Senator Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and passed out of the Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee.

“This amendment means California citizens would face years of taxation without representation while their representatives sit in indefinite periods of suspension,” said Senator Anderson.  “This amendment not only is a clever way to use a crisis to gain power but also would allow the majority party to use suspension as a tool for political retribution to punish members who question authority.  For these reasons, I opposed SCA 17”

Senator Anderson was the lone vote against the suspensions of Senators Calderon, Wright, and Yee.

SCA 17 requires a majority vote to suspend a Member, and states that the salary and benefits of the Member will be forfeited for all or part of the suspension period.

Senator Anderson's Comments: