Looking for a flexible preschool for your child?


A Good Time Out offers a custom designed curriculum that includes well loved books and incorporates Pre-K curriculum that sets the foundation for entering kindergarten. Our curriculum accomodates the learning needs of children 2-5 years that may attend full time or part times. Those children that come two days a week will not have to catch up and those that come five days will have plenty of new things to keep their interest. Preschool at A Good Time Out runs from 8am to 1pm Monday through Friday and is open to all the children who are attending the center during those times (drop-ins included). Children learn their letters, numbers, shapes, colors, songs and a love of reading.


**Each Month we will highlight 4 letters, 1 color, 4 number,s and 1 shape.**

    Daily Schedule

8am-8:50am Cognitive Work and Small Group Centers

8:50am-9am Clean up

9am-9:10am Opening Circle

9:10am-9:30am Potty and Snack Time

9:30am-10:20am Younger Group:Outside Play

    Older Group:Craft and Dramatic Play (M/T) or Music and Movement (W/TH)

10:20am-10:30am Circle Time for Older Group

     Story Time for Younger Group

10:30-11:15am Older Group:Outside Play

     Younger Group: Craft and Dramatic Play (M/T) or Music and Movement (W/TH) 

11:15am-11:25am Circle Time for Younger Group

      Story Time for Older Group

11:25am-12pm Potty and Lunch Time / Small Group Centers

12pm-12:40pm Science Activity, Outdoor Play, and Small Group Centers (if needed)

12:40pm-12:45pm Clean up

12:45pm-1pm Closing Circle


               Daily Fee:


              Must sign up by 6pm the

   previous day, Monday thru Friday

     only. Days may not be changed or

         refunded. Limited Spots at this

              price available. *Price

                change effective






       Please refrain from

     bringing toys from home.

     They disrupt the

   continuity of Preschool




       Our Preschool's

     Themes are based on

       creating Crafts and

          Activities from our

             Favorite Books!