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About Somewhere

We believe that everyone deserves to work Somewhere they fit. Our platform enables people to share the way they work - their techniques, values and strategies - so they can find and be found by like-minded collaborators.

With the help of our community we’ve now released an iOS app. Get it on the app store and start sharing the way you work.


What our community says

Talia Radford

“I love the focus on stories from the jungle of 21st century work life, and I’ve connected with a few extraordinary people ‘in real life’.”

Martin Jordan

“Somewhere is my new LinkedIn. A new way to share the story behind what & how I work.”

Renzo Brandsma

“I love the images people post. ‘Seeing’ as well as reading what someone is doing is a great way to get a complete picture.”

What others are saying

“Somewhere is LinkedIn for the new way to work. I think this could be the start of something.”


“I want to see how someone works, what side projects they work on and what super powers they have.”


“Pinterest For Business? Somewhere Is A New Visual Platform To Share Your Work”


“The new world of work deserves a new way of showcasing your talents”


“Somewhere is emblematic of the changing nature of the workplace.”


“Like a work-focused cross between Instagram and Tumblr.”


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