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i Love This: Beams Catfish Skin Dog Treat

Catfish Skin Dog Treat

I have something fanTAStic to tell you about: these Beams treats I love.

It’s me, Rickie Roo, and I have something fanTAStic to tell you about today: Beams Catfish Skin Dog Treats, made by the Honest Kitchen.

When I was at a dog show this weekend, I was super-duper good. Besides winning ribbons, I also won a credit that could be used at one of the vendor booths. And because I was so pawesome, Mommy used that credit to get something for me!

She got a tall box of Beams Catfish Skin Dog Treats. The package was only 7 ounces, which didn’t seem like much, but when Mommy opened it, inside were lots of long pieces of dried-out catfish skins.

I didn’t even know I liked catfish skins, but I do. They are yummy!

They are kinda stinky – cause it’s real fish, or used to be a real fish. Now it’s dried fish – dried fish skin, to be specific – which I like. No, correct that — which I love.

Mommy gave each of us dogs a piece, and they were gone in about two minutes, so these are not “I want to keep my dog busy chewing” kinds of treats. These are “I have the most awesome dog in the world and she deserves a treat” kinds of treats.

The Beams treats come in tall and small sizes. I think small is good for many things, but in this case, I say tall is the way to go! The tall catfish skin pieces seemed thicker and were much longer. Since we each got a big piece yesterday, today Mommy cut them in half.

Here is what one online seller says about Beams Catfish Skin Dog Treats:

  • Beams are made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic catfish skins, from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, and dried into savory, chewy sticks
  • Beams are an excellent source of lean protein
  • Fish is an excellent treat for dogs who have sensitivities to more common protein sources
  • They’re also lower fat and are a good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids

A small box costs about 9 bucks, and a tall box about 13 bucks. Mommy thinks that’s not so bad, because she says she is not going fishing, nor skinning or drying out catfish, no matter how pawesome I am.

Rickie Roo

Rickie Roo is so famous she really shouldn't need to tell you about herself. But, since you want to know, she is a feisty Rat Terrier who loves agility, killing her toys and taking naps with her mommy on the couch. She's the roving reporter for usdaa.com and loves her sponsors ilovedogs.com, i Love Dogs Diamonds and By Nature pet foods. She is a doggie model and actress who has been featured in many ads, calendars, commercials and TV shows, and was a cover dog for Dog Fancy magazine. You can find her on Facebook.

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