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Albert Emory


Albert Emory is a twenty-something hiding out in the Beltway.

  • A Perfect Example

    By Albert Emory | June 06, 2014
    Albert Einstein said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well.” I think there is great truth to the quip, and although it was likely not his intent, the effect it has had on me is to always seek perfect examples.
  • Why Are We in Jordan?

    By Albert Emory | June 02, 2014
    As an isolationist (perhaps so much so that the “i” should be capitalized), reading about the goings on of America’s military in places aside from the Rio Grande is not something I normally do.
  • The Death of a Girl

    By Albert Emory | May 24, 2014
    Pornography, and crass sexuality more generally, is part of the current American cultural landscape; and this has been so for at least a decade now.
  • Hunting

    By Albert Emory | May 21, 2014
    “I think it’s a hunting mission for a lynch mob,” said Dianne Feinstein of the renewed pressure to investigate the Benghazi attacks.
  • Us, Them, and Him

    By Albert Emory | May 10, 2014
    “Splittism” is a word that seems to have been invented, and subsequently only used, by Communists. In the second half of the twentieth century, “splittism” was an essential part of every Marxist group across the planet.
  • Show Me the Money

    By Albert Emory | May 07, 2014
    In Wilmot Robertson The Dispossessed Majority, much attention is paid to the unraveling of America’s legal system over the last century; a topic worthy of more attention than it often receives from right-wing counterculture-ists.
  • The Indispensible SBPDL

    By Albert Emory | April 28, 2014
    Within the unauthorized right, the media blackout of interracial crime in the black-on-white direction is well understood. But that by no means implies that I want to spend a great deal of my time digging around the Internet in search of genuine reporting on the matter.
  • Predicting the End

    By Albert Emory | April 22, 2014
    Radix Journal has a lot to say about the end. The end of American military hegemony, the end of men, the end of Europe, the end of civilization, the end of the world, the end of Americanism, the end of the golden days, the end of conservatism, the end the end the end.
  • In the News

    By Albert Emory | March 31, 2014
    There is a great deal of news out there, and most of it bad. With all this news, comes a temptation to simply find a way to enjoy civilization’s ride southward in one way or another.
  • In Case You Were Wondering

    By Albert Emory | March 20, 2014
    When I left the Heartland for Washington DC, a few people did warn me that I would find our capital city to be a bit strange. They could not have been more right.
  • Catholicism’s Coming Change

    By Albert Emory | March 11, 2014
    One of the more unfortunate divisions within the ranks of the unauthorized, or “dissident,” right here in the United States is the split between Catholics and racialists.
  • Pornography and the Left

    By Albert Emory | March 06, 2014
    I was living in Chicago when the very unsurprising news broke that Jesse Jackson Jr. was going to prison. The allegations of his corruption and theft had been mounting for some time, and given that his truly loathsome father was the reason he was in politics at all, the actual headline announcing his stepping down from congress did not raise even one of my eyebrows.