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A Career In Your Suitcase 2013 ed


Jo Parfitt and Colleen Reichrath-Smith € 30.50

Jo Parfitt dreamt the title for her book, A Career In Your Suitcase, over twenty years ago. Now out in it’s 4th edition, it has been updated and revised with help from Colleen Reichrath-Smith.

While Parfitt followed a more traditional expat journey by marrying someone whose career included international postings, Reichrath-Smith, a Canadian, married a Dutchman and settled in the Netherlands.

Parfitt originally wrote the book to share her own experiences of developing a suitcase career while living in Dubai, Oman, and Norway. She’s updated the book several times but for this edition, has teamed up with a career consultant to expand and improve the content.

The book is separated into three parts, the first focused on finding direction, then opportunity, then putting it all together. Useful chapters include CV writing and advice on networking.

While the book retains much of the feel of the previous editions, the 4th edition is much more hands on. There are a number of exercises which can help readers discover their own suitcase careers. The authors have even helpfully included the estimated it will take to complete each activity.

The new edition also reflects a changing work landscape. The first edition contained a chapter on how to buy a computer, as it wasn’t a common household feature in 1999. By the 4th edition, the authors cover using social media to enhance your career.

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