Spaceflight publishes commercial list pricing and a standard payment structure for CubeSat and microsatellite launch services, based upon spacecraft mass and volume, as well as the intended orbit. For a full list of available launch opportunities, please see our schedule. While only three microsatellite sizes are listed here, Spaceflight can provide launch and integration services for a variety of secondary payload sizes. These classes are intended to provide a cost estimate for microsatellites of similar size and volume.  Small satellites with masses greater than 300 kg are encouraged to contact Spaceflight for a quote.

Containerized PayloadsMicroSat Class
Payload Class1U3U6U12U50 kg180 kg300 kg
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Mass (kg)
Low Earth Orbit (LEO) $125k$325k$595k$995k$1,750k$4,950k$6,950k
Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO)$250k$650k$995k$1,950k$3,250k$7,950k$9,960k
Geosynchronous / Low Lunar Orbit (GSO/LLO) $490k$995k$1,990k$3,250k$6,500k$15,900k$19,900k

*Prices in USD

Payment structure

  • 10% at Contract signing
  • 30% at Launch minus 24 months (or at contract signing if less than 24 months)
  • 40% at Mission Critical Design Review (CDR) – typically Launch minus 9 months
  • 20% at Launch

While the majority of the price listed is the launch cost, our pricing includes the following services:

Slider Option

  • Procurement of separation system
  • Physical integration of the spacecraft to the launch vehicle
  • Management of the launch campaign
  • ITAR expertise
  • Support for spacecraft registration, FCC & NOAA licensing

Please consult the Payload User’s Guide for an overview of the provided technical support. This documentation also includes launch environments and specifications for our preferred separation systems.

** Pricing does not include orbit-changing capability. It assumes deployment into the launch vehicle’s orbit provided in the schedule. Spaceflight does provide an in-space tug, SHERPA, to perform orbit changes and enable deep space missions.

Actual costs may be higher or lower, depending on your spacecraft launch requirements. Discounts may be available for small satellite constellations. Please contact Spaceflight for a quote tailored to your satellite or to inquire about SHERPA’s cost and capabilities.

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