Game of Thrones 'Ascend the Wall' VR experience

Framestore worked with Relevent and HBO to create an unprecedented immersive virtual reality experience. A thrilling new method of storytelling that actually puts you into a household name TV show - Game of Thrones - and begins to change the course of how a narrative experience can be delivered.

Utilising Oculus Rift VR headsets, the Unity game engine, Oscar winning VFX pipelines, wind machines, real elevators and rumble packs we can take the user into the world of Game of Thrones. We allow the user to enter the elevator in Castle Black and then ascend "The Wall". All 700ft of it. Then, at the top, you get to walk the wall and see "The North". But of course, there's a huge twist...

Built entirely in a realtime game engine for pure 360° immersion and interactivity, Framestore's digital team once again used Unity to create the experience, and used true top VFX talent to recreate photo-real environments, characters and elements from the show. 

The ability to get near photoreal CGI in game engines continues to motivate Framestore’s digital team, who firmly believe they have hardly scratched the surface of where linear and non-linear storytelling can go next. 

Take a look at Mashable having a go with it above, the Game of Thrones cast below, and the BBC Click team here

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Poor Maisie Williams (AKA Arya Stark) being terrified by the experience:

Thanks to our clients Relevent and HBO:

  • Tony Berger CEO, Relevent
  • Ian Cleary, VP, Ideation and Innovation, Relevent
  • Elana Loewenthal, Director, International Marketing, HBO
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