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July 6, 2014 

      Download Free Skype

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Download Skype and make FREE phone and video calls to other Skype users as well as free Video Conferencing.

Wow!  Learn the Skype Secrets of $0.02 per minute phone calls to most countries.  Learn about skype Instant Messaging, V-C, file transfers and backup.  Get up to 10,000 calling minutes to landlines for one low monthly fee!   Skype on iPhone  To get the most out of Skype, download the FREE Skype "Easy-Guide" Booklet - provided by SkypeHelper.

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What do You need to use "Skype"?

  1. A computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or Linux.
  2. A Skype-compatible headphone/microphone head-set or the built-in microphone and speaker if you are using a laptop.
  3. An internet connection, preferably Broadband.
  4. The Skype software - free download from Skype (Don't like V4.0?  Download V3.8)
  5. If you want to do video calls, you will need a webcam - usually already built into your laptop.
  6. Your first 10-minute call to a normal phone or cell/mobile is free!!!  But if you want to regularly make very low cost phone calls and send SMSs to mobiles, put at least $15 of "SkypeOut" credit into your Skype account.  This is not required if you only want to call other Skype users and "1800" free-call numbers.
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  7. Read Skype Books and Guides to learn the secrets of getting the most out of Skype.

You are now ready to make free calls to other Skype users!

Skype Books we recommend:

Skype For Dummies - the name says it all!

Skype Hacks: Innovative and Fun Tips & Tools - ideal guide for new Skype ring tones and fun on-hold music or replacing your "regular" phone service altogether.

Skype - From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond - the author is one of the most recognized and respected authorities on Skype.

Skype - The Definitive Guide - written by Skype insiders, this is the only official guide to Skype.

Skype "EasyGuide" Booklet - read how to get the most out of Skype.  FREE!

Browse more Skype Books and Manuals to learn the Secrets of Skype.

So, what can Skype do for You?

Skype allows you to make and receive calls from your PC, calls to other Skype users are free; SMSs/Texts to phones are very cheap. Skype also
has free video, IM-style chat and file transfers.  Check out this LONG list of Skype features!!!

Bookmark this!Click here to get your own local landline number in 20 countries that will ring in on Skype on your PC.

And what can't Skype do?

If you want to send and receive faxes from your PC, ONLY 0.09% click here for a FREE 30-day trial of the eFax Complete Internet Fax Service, no fax machine needed!

OK, let's get started...

Step 1: Download the free software from - follow the installation instructions on the download screen.

Step 2: Make a Test Call:

Test Skype
Entering "Echo123" to do a Test Call.

After you have installed Skype, type in the Skype-name "Echo123" into the Skype-name/phone-# field (see picture on left) and click on the green phone-button.  An automated system will answer your call, ask you to record a test message and replay that message back to you.  If you appear to have problems with your microphone or speakers, go to Skype's Sound Set Up Guide for instructions on how to set up and test your headset, microphone and speakers.

If you send a "Call me" chat message to "Echo123", the automated system will call you, ask you to record a 10-second test message and replay Bookmark this!that message back to you.

Step 3: Make calls to people who have Skype:

If you know their Skype-name, type it into the Skype-name/phone-# field and click on the green phone-button.  If the other person is at their computer, they will hear Skype ringing, can accept the call and you can talk for free as long as you like.

Step 4: Make calls to people who do not have a computer and/or Skype:

Skype can call any phone world-wide (including mobile/cell/hand-phones).  Your first "SkypeOut" call is free, then you can purchase some Skype credit - starting with $15.  The call cost is typically $0.02 per minute.

Use Skype for Video-Conferencing:

It is not widely known that  Skype has provided video-conferencing from the desk-top since 2006-07 with features similar to those found in professional systems.  Desk-top video-conferencing can eliminate the need for special video-conferencing equipment and rooms.  For existing Skype users, the only additional technical requirement is a web-cam.  The call costs are the same as for Skype voice conferences, eg. free to other Skype users.

It is estimated that one in four calls already involve video - both for professional collaborations across the globe and for Bookmark this!staying in touch with family and friends.  Click here for more information on Video Conference!

Use the Skype Call-Forward function:

Very useful when you are not at your computer. Your calls are forwarded to any phone number, local or overseas.  Note that you will need Skype credit for the forwarded calls.

Undocumented Feature: You can forward your calls for free to another Skype name, eg. from your home PC to your work PC.

Use the Skype Instant Messaging (IM) function:

Very useful, especially during phone conferences or if the voice line breaks - you can still communicate via a IM-style "chat".

Use the Skype file-transfer function:

Very useful, especially during phone conferences - you can exchange files in the background.

Use the Skype cheap SMS function:

Send SMS Texts to any cell/mobile/hand phone - but at half-price or less!  Click here for more Skype SMS Texting info.

Send Faxes using Skype:

Bookmark this! Pamfax integrates with Skype and can send low-cost faxes worldwide.  The Skax service is web-based.

What type of Internet connection does Skype need?

While broadband is always better (although there are sometimes voice problems using a WiFi connection), we have found Skype to work quite well on 56k modem lines (even as low as 33.6k, especially since V2.5.0.122).  Bookmark this! If you have to use a slow line, the sound quality will be marginal at first - wait for 20-30 seconds until Skype switches to lower bandwidth.

The Skype EasyGuide Booklet:

This FREE comprehensive booklet covers all aspects of installing and using Skype.  A special section shows how to get the most out of Skype.

Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: What is "Voice over IP" (VoIP)?
Ch. 3: Why use VoIP? (Real-life user stories)
Ch. 4: What is "Skype"?
Ch. 5: What do I need to use "Skype"? (PC compatibility)
Ch. 6: What type of Internet connection is required to use Skype? (incl. list of compatible internet services)
Ch. 7: I don't have a PC / Internet. What do I do?
Ch. 8: How do I install Skype? A step-by-step pictured guide
Ch. 9: OK, now let's test Skype!
Ch. 10: It's WORKING! So let's call someone!
Ch. 11: What do my calls cost?
Ch. 12: How do I send less-than-half-price SMSs?
Ch. 13: Using the Skype Instant Messaging (IM) chat function
Ch. 14: Getting the most out of Skype: Sending files, voice-mail, security, etc.

Each chapter explains the functions and set-up of Skype in step-by-step detail.  Pictures show how it is done.  Each chapter has a "What if..." trouble-shooting section!  The authors of the "Skype EasyGuide" booklet, Sandra Thompson and Robert Northman, are non-technical users like you who have learnt the hard way and are now sharing their experiences with us...

Download your FREE 27-page "Skype EasyGuide" booklet now.

Skype Security and Technical Information

Make Skype secure:

It is preferable to exclude your personal data (birthdate, gender, home number, etc.) from your personal profile as it is visible and searchable for>100 million Skype users.

  • To prevent getting rogue calls, go to Skype -> Tools> Options -> Privacy and click the two "Only people from my Contacts can ..." options!
  • Do the same in the Tools> Options -> Video to prevent rogue video connections.
  • You may also want to "neutralise" your profile (File -> Edit your Profile) by removing your gender and birth date - this will discourage rogue requests based on your gender and age.
  • To prevent constant taskbar notifications as people go online/offline, go to Skype -> Tools -> Options -> Notifications -> "Display Notification in the Windows tray when someone..." and unclick "comes online"!

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Access your Skype Account:

The main reason to access your account is to set your SkypeOut currency, your notification e-mail address and to disable the SkypeOut automatic
Bookmark this!recharging.  You can also check your SkypeOut calls and SMSs there.  Go to

How to prevent Skype "SuperNodes" from consuming your Internet Bandwidth:

Skype relies on using users' computers as "SuperNodes" to operate its peer-to-peer network, so consuming users' bandwidth.  You can prevent Skype from using your Windows PC as a "SuperNode" by the following procedure:

  1. Disable Skype from starting when Windows starts.
  2. Disallow Skype modifying your Firewall settings (Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connections).
  3. Bookmark this! Enable the Windows XP Firewall and un-check Skype on the "Exceptions" tab.

Avoid Skype scams:

Beware of Skype "phishing" e-mails. Similar to the well-known banking scams, these e-mails look as if they come from Skype and ask you to click a link to "validate" or "re-activate" your account on a Skype-look-alike web page.  The aim of these fraudulent e-mails is to get access to your Skype account and any credit you may have.  DO NOT respond to these e-mails and delete them immediately!  Skype does not ask for your password via E-mail.  Skype only asks you for your password when you log into the Skype program or directly log onto their website at

Bookmark this!For more information on how to verify that an e-mail is from Skype, see

Using Skype as an Internet Connection Indicator

Checking if your internet connection is "live" is not so easy.  Because the pages you browse could be coming from a cache or your connection may be having DNS problems, experts use "ping" for this.  But the green/grey Skype indicator Bookmark this!in the Windows taskbar gives a reliable display if your connection is "up": Internet connected = Skype    Offline = Skype

How to run Skype from a USB stick:

Running Skype from a USB stick (rather than installing it) can be very useful, because this "portable" version allows you to run Skype on any computer.  If you are away from your home or office PC, you can plug your USB stick with portable Skype into any computer (internet cafe, office, friends, etc.) without needing to install Skype and use Skype as normal.  Being portable, Skype runs independently without requiring or leaving any information on the host PC.

  1. Make a folder named "Skype" and create a "Data" subdirectory
  2. Copy the file "skype.exe" into the "Skype" directory (download the latest version for free)
  3. In the "Data" subdirectory, create a text file "Skype.bat" containing: skype.exe /datapath:"Data" /removable
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  5. Run the program from your USB stick...

Skype VoIP News

What Makes VoIP International Calls Cheap?
Friday, 4th July 2014
VoIP calls are famous for cheap international calls.  But how does that happen? What's the underlying technological reason?

Is Hosted VoIP Suited for Residential Use?
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Hosted VoIP is great for businesses.  But how well does it far for residential use?

How Softswitch Differs From Traditional Circuit Switch
Thursday, 3rd July 2014
Softswitch has modernized the way the telecom industry worked before.  Assimilating a stream of solutions like voice, fax, data and video, the technology has transformed the basics of this industry.  Below we will discuss how softswitch varies from conventional circuit switch.

Softswitch and Its Divisions
Wednesday, 2nd July 2014
Softswitch is a central device in the telecom network that links calls from one phone line to another.  Earlier, this work was carried out by hardware with physical circuit boards connecting the phone calls.  A softswitch is particularly utilized to manage connections at a central point between switched and packed data networks.

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