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Vyannd Cypre of Samon (A Cypriot Dish of Salmon) Medieval Recipe

Origin: England      Period: Medieval

This is a traditional Medieval recipe for a classic blend of almond milk and pounded salmon thickened with rice flour, flavoured with spices and coloured yellow.

Original Recipe

Vyannd Cypre of Samon

(from A Forme of Cury)

Ꞇe almaꝺ +̅ bɼay hem ỽnblanncheꝺ · ꞇak calewar samo +̅ seeþ iꞇ  lewe waꞇꝰ ꝺɼawe ỽp þyne almaꝺꝰ w þe bɼoꞇh · pyke ouꞇ þe bonꝰ ouꞇ of þe fye clene +̅ grynꝺ iꞇ smale +̅ caſt þy mylke +̅ þ togyꝺɼe · +̅ alye hiꞇ wiþ flo  of ɼys ꝺo þꝰꞇo pouꝺo  foꝛꞇ · sugꝰ anꝺ ſalꞇ · +̅ colo  hiꞇ wꞇ alkeneꞇ · loke þaꞇ hiꞇ [be] noꞇ ſtonꝺyng anꝺ meſſe hiꞇ forꞇh ·

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A Cypriot Dish of Salmon

Take un-blanched almonds and pound in a mortar. Take young salmon and boil it in warm water strain up your almonds with the broth. Cleanly remove the fish and grind it finely. Mix this together with the [almond] milk and thicken with rice flour. Add to this powder fort, sugar and salt and colour it with alkanet and ensure that it is not too stiff and serve it forth.

Modern Redaction


200g ground almonds
200g salmon steaks
2 tbsp rice flour
1 tbsp powder fort
2 tbsp sugar
salt, to taste
a few drops of yellow food colouring

Vyannd Cypre of Samon Preparation:


Combine the fish with 1l water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, cover and cook gently for about 15 minutes, or until the salmon is tender. Remove the fish from the pan and strain the liquid. Set the fish aside and when cool remove the bones then pound the flesh to a paste in a mortar.

Heat together the ground almonds and 600ml of the salmon cooking liquid in a pan. Simmer for 10 minutes then cool slightly and blitz in a blender until smooth. Return this almond milk to the pan and stir in the pounded salmon meat.

Cook for 5 minutes then work in the rice flour, whisking constantly. Cook for 5 minutes then stir in the powder fort, sugar and season with salt to taste. Continue cooking, again whisking constantly, until the mixture is stiff. Serve hot.

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less than 30 minutes preparation time

cooking time

Serves: 4

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