Gateway on the Way to Television

In a column marked EXCLUSIVE in Deadline Hollywood for Monday, 10 March 2014, Nellie Andreeva broke the story that the rights to Frederik Pohl's Gateway had been obtained by Entertainment One Television, in conjunction with the De Laurentiis Company.

"The project will be executive produced by De Laurentiis Co.ís Martha De Laurentiis and Lorenzo De Maio along with eOneís John Morayniss, CEO eOne TV; Michael Rosenberg, EVP U.S. Scripted TV; and Benedict Carver, SVP Filmed Entertainment."

For the full article, go to the Andreeva link above, and for developing details, watch this space.

Selected Works

Collaborative Fiction
THE LAST THEOREM grew from 100 pages of notes Arthur C. Clarke gave to Frederik Pohl. [...] With the help of Elizabeth Anne Hull, Pohl completed a story of mathematics, political intrigue, and a threat to the survival of Earth.
Latest novel in the Heechee series (New York: Tor, 2004).
"Pohl at the top of his form"
--Poul Anderson

"Another mind-boggling saga."
--David Brin
A brilliant handling of the SF themes of first contact, planetary disaster, and future politics.

The making of a cyborg, with added twists in the human/machine relationship.