JIRA Service Desk

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9:00 am

Meet Jill

Jill has an important sales call in an hour, but her virtual meeting software isn't working. She goes to JIRA Service Desk to get help from her company’s IT team.

9:05 am
This is Nick

This is Nick

Nick is a service desk agent at Jill's company. Thanks to customizable SLAs, Jill's request is at the top of his queue because it's urgent.

9:10 am

Ruth is Nick's boss

Every morning, Ruth settles in with a coffee to review the queue, and check on her team of 10 agents. She can see that Nick is already working on an urgent request that came in a few minutes ago.

9:15 am

Jill gets an update

She sees that Nick is asking for a screen shot. She gives him the details he needs using the customer portal, where it's simple to attach photos.

9:20 am


Nick has solved Jill's problem. He creates a knowledge base article using Confluence, so future customers with similar problems can find help without creating a ticket.

9:25 am
Happy customer

Jill is one happy customer

Her issue has been solved quickly, with useful updates from the service desk team, and now she's ready for her sales call.

9:30 am
Happy manager

Ruth is happy, too

She has full visibility into the service desk's metrics, like breached SLAs. It's easy for her to give real-time reports to her managers and the rest of the organization.

What customers are saying about JIRA Service Desk

“We’ve rolled out JIRA Service Desk in production to over 1,500 users. It was ridiculously easy - and the SLA metrics were eye-opening.”

Happy manager

Aaron Jones / Scrum Master, Good Technology

“For a Global Team that’s doing help desk ticketing, or pretty much anything in IT, JIRA Service Desk really helps us to be efficient and effective as a team.”

Happy manager

Alex Stillings / IT Special Ops, Twitter

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