Johnny Gargano

Pro Debut Year: 
Trademark Moves: 
The Gargano Escape (variation of Border City Stretch), Hurts Donut (full nelson facebuster), "You're Dead!" (lawn dart throw), Chase Double Knees, Baby Ace Crusher, Low Level Superkick
Titles & Awards: 

Open The Freedom Gate Champion, IWC Super Indy Champion

Fast Facts: 

The Current Open The Freedom Gate Champion

He has matured into one of today's brightest stars...has been known as "The Bee's Knee's, The Cat's Pajama's and The Whole Shebang"...Uses a variation of Alex Shelley's Border City Stretch known as The Gargano Escape...Shelley gave his blessing to use the hold...has made CIMA and Austin Aries tap to The Gargano Escape...first stepped foot in a professional wrestling ring at the age of 8 years old....appeared on an episode of WWE Smackdown as the Champion of Lichtenstein "Cedrick Von Haussen"...has also competed in TNA...participated in The Chikara Young Lions Cup as well as the 2009 Jeff Peterson Cup...won the 2nd ever FRAY! on DGUSA's debut event in the Wins Leader in EVOLVE...has earned the support of the fans...has toured Japan for Dragon Gate.