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Prohibited Muslim Names in Islam

Just as there are names in Islam, one should prefer, there are also names that displease Allah (swt). We have learned, that we should have Muslim names with beautiful meaning. When choosing a name you should take great care not to select any prohibited name.

Forbidden Names (haram)

Servitude to anyone other than Allah (swt):
Someone other than Allah (swt) to serve and worship is forbidden in Islam. Names that express a servitude, for example to a prophet, king, god, angel, or star formation will not be allowed and is to be absolutely prevented.
Some examples: Abdalrasul (servant of the Prophet), Abdalamir (servant of the prince), Abdalhusain (servant of Alhusain ) or Abdalhadjar (servant of the stone).

Names that are due to Allah (swt) only:
The above mentioned 99 names of Allah, which describe a certain property in the superlatives (highest increase in the form of an adjective) belong to Allah (swt) only.
'And there is no one comparable to Him.' (Sura 112, Ayah 4)

'(He is) Lord of heaven and earth and all that lies between the two. So worship Him and persevere in His service. Do you know of someone who is comparable to Him? ' (Sura 19, Ayah 65)

Names, which consist only of the second word of the above-mentioned desirable names are therefore not allowed.

Some examples: Al Aziz (the sublime), Al Hakeem (the Wise), Al Rashid (the one leading to the straight path)

Abu Huraira (ra) narrated that the Prophet (s) said: 'The most outrageous name of all names for Allah on the Day of Judgment is the name of a person who called himself (in this lifetime) King of Kings (Malik-ul-Mulk). '

Ibn Abu Shaiba added in his tradition that the Prophet also said: 'There is no king but Allah, Almighty and Exalted High be He.' (Sahih Muslim)

Taking Names of Kafirs:

Those names that are neither Arab nor Muslim origin and typical names of non-Muslims are not allowed in Islam. Any imitation and counterfeiting of non-Muslims is forbidden, which also affects the naming.

The same applies to names of idols and false gods.
Some examples: George, Hans, Jimmy, Michael.

Undesirable names (makruh):

Here are some examples of undesirable names
- Name of immoral people (singers, actors)
- Names of animals
- Name that conveys a sin or other bad things (theft, false-maker, know-it)
- Ugly and unpleasant names that might provoke others making fun of the bearer of this name (war, summer heat).
- Angels names
- Names of Qur'an chapters consisting merely of a combination of letters. The name of the suras 'Taha' and 'Yasin' are merely 'Huruf Al Muqatta'ah', characters with mysterious meaning, known only to Allah (swt). An interpretation would be pure speculation and is not allowed. Since their meaning is to be among the hidden things, they should not be taken as a name.
- Names that include the word 'din' (religion) or 'Islam'. The possible risk of arrogance is one reason why you should avoid such names. The bearer of this name is thus given a high status, he may not even deserve.
Some examples: Nural Din (light of religion), Shams al-Din (Sun of the religion) Saif al-Islam (Sword of Islam).



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