Mobile Multimedia Optimization (Hexagon SDK)

Efficient processing is critical to implementing rich multimedia experiences on mobile devices as it impacts manufacturing costs, power consumption, and the ability to deliver the advanced performance consumers crave. The Hexagon™ SDK is designed to enable device manufacturers and independent software providers to optimize the features and performance of multimedia software. These optimizations help enable audio, imaging, embedded vision and heterogeneous computing acceleration on the Hexagon DSP embedded in Snapdragon 200 and 800 processor platforms to create compelling multimedia user experiences by enabling improvements in the power dissipation and performance of audio, imaging embedded vision, video and computationally intensive applications.  

The Hexagon SDK is a software development kit that enables embedded developers to access embedded computing resources on the Hexagon DSP. Using the Hexagon SDK, cutting-edge developers with expertise working in native programming environments can tap into world-class, hardware-enabled multimedia features to deliver premium, interactive user experiences in less time -- in weeks instead of the typical six-to-nine months required for this level of functionality when using source code modification. The SDK is designed to help ensure multimedia processing efficiency, which means increased fluidity, low latency, and superior app performance. It can also help you overcome development hurdles such as lack of battery and insufficient processing power. The Hexagon SDK is also designed to enable high computational burdens on the CPU to be off-loaded into a heterogeneous computing environment with the use of shared remote code objects. 

Features developed on the Hexagon DSP have been deployed by a broad OEM ecosystem that extends to device and consumer product manufacturers for things like tablets, HD TVs, and automotive. This makes it possible to port your app from phones to other devices. And because compelling multimedia apps offer important product differentiation for devices, they appeal to device manufacturers’ need for a competitive edge.

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Qualcomm Uplinq 2014

Hexagon DSP at Uplinq 2014

The Hexagon DSP team will be presenting at Qualcomm Uplinq 2014. One session will feature a panel of developers describing how they took advantage of the Snapdragon DSP. They’ll discuss the process they followed for using the Hexagon DSP and discuss their expectations for the future. Another session will demonstrate how a developer can use the Hexagon SDK to port their audio feature code to execute on the embedded Hexagon DSP core contained in Snapdragon processors.

Hexagon SDK in Action

MAX•D turned a complex hardware upgrade into a simple software upgrade by utilizing the Hexagon SDK.

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Multimedia Optimization (Hexagon SDK) Tools and Resources
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