The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

The People’s Voice online TV station started up 25th November and ran for four months. A large room at Stonebridge Park (near Wembley) was rented for £300 a week. I was invited there a few times to be interviewed and join discussion programs. It was a big thrill to meet David Icke again and he remembered me – from long ago when we were both in the Green Party. One would see maybe a couple of dozen happy-looking folk working there,

Its funding started with a breathtaking total raised by voluntary donations of £471k – plus £16 k advertising, equals £487k total. http://www.thepeoplesvoice.tv/financial-report-2014/ - nearly five times what Icke had originally appealed for. Last year, remember, he had appealed for a hundred grand.  How did that money get spent? This account reports that TPV paid out a cool  £205k for ‘direct subcontractors’ and gives no further explanation  – was that wages given to workers?  This account is from June 2013 to 31st January 2014. As TPV started up on November 25th 2013, we are here talking about a couple of month’s work.

This is an online TV station, just one web-page, one URL – and it just put out films of talking heads, done mainly in its studio. continue reading…

This is a riposte to the http://www.israelandstuff.com/israels-rights-spelled-clearly where it is claimed that Israel not only has a legal right to exist, but has a right to do so with hugely enlarged national boundaries. They would not post a comment of mine so I’m putting it up here.

I here argue that Israel has no legal righto exist but that of force and de facto occupation, achieved though tactics of terror.

Hopefully this can go up onto Britain’s Ministry of Peace website which should be up soon, but in the meantime I’m putting it here.

This is being composed on Easter Sunday, a day when we try to find some hope for the world. continue reading…

     Nazis back in Power


The coup-inspired Ukrainian government, recognized by the Western powers, includes several members of explicitly Nazi organizations, including two leaders who have distinguished themselves by fabricating false images of violence and torture aimed to convince Western public opinion of the cruelty of the democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych.

On March 6th President Obama passed an Executive Order banning anyone critical of US Ukraine policy from entering the US, phrased as “actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine.” This does not allude to the Nazi skinhead thugs who have seized power in Kiev by NATO-backed bloody violence.independence square, Kiev

 Independence Square, Kiev, February 20th

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There is a very old conspiracy theory that seems to be resurfacing.  A couple of years ago, batmanRingo Starr was interviewed and said,  twice, that he was the last of the Beatles: ‘I am the last remaining Beatle.’  (26.5.11) The ‘Plastic Macca’ website here is by Tina Foster: she was interviewed by Andrew Johnson on the topic, ‘Was Paul McCartney replaced in 1966?’ - here. 

Just last week, Jim Fetzer did a two-hour interview with Clare Kuehn on the subject (‘the Real Deal with Jim Fetzer’), which is quite important, and you might want to peruse some of the four hundred comments about it here, probably the most informed debate on the topic yet. Some of you might remember Clare for the excellent lecture she gave at the Vancouver 911 truth conference in Toronto. continue reading…

Britain’s popular conspiracy-paranormal program Rich Planet was taken off the air last year, following one single anonymous complaint. It claimed to be distressed by an interview about the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, that Richard Hall did with me.

richard h

So Richard Hall lost his slot on Sky 199 with Information TV. Over four hundred people have written in to OFCOM to complain about this decision. continue reading…

Old Bailey Trial

The public can sit in the gallery of this trial, as I did today Tuesday 2nd December. Its quite a gripping experience, with the two accused sitting in a huge glass cage and various testimonies being read out or spoken, about what witnesses saw at 2.15-2.20 pm in that street, Artillery Place. Their accounts started off with their seeing a ‘crashed car’ and the two black men outside the car, plus a dummy-like figure on the pavement, who initially had his back against the wall . (NB you may wish to check over my original story here). They then saw both of these men hack the body with knives, ‘frenzied stabbing,’ one with a butcher’s cleaver.

No sound came from the victim. We never heard whether he was alive or dead.

Quite a crowd of people gathered round and were filming on their mobile phones (peculiar that we have not seen any of these pictures?)

Gill Hicks saw the car crashed into a road sign. That was the initial setup, I did not gather that  any witness claimed to have seen it happen.

One witness, while stopping to see this horror, noticed a ‘line of traffic behind him in the rear-view mirror.’  That is what one would expect on this busy road, but my impression was an absence of traffic in all pictures of that event.

A witness described seeing a lot of blood on the pavement – as one would expect. Again, there was a problem with ground-shot images failing to show any trace of blood. (See eg first image here, or first image here)

Mr Gary Perkin described how a brave woman tried to ‘comfort’ Lee Rigby while he was lying in the road. One would have thought he was beheaded (and therefore thoroughly dead) by then, so this is straining our credulity. No one questioned Mr Perkin to clear up this most obvious anomaly. It should be further noted that no adversarial questioning of any witness took place at this trial today

Moving the Goalposts?

The goalposts seems to have moved since the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby was reported back in May – suggesting a different location of the death. Media-amnesia seems to be prevailing at this Old Bailey trial, in relation to the original version.

crossing road continue reading…

The site ‘no disinfo.com’ seems to have this story well sussed: http://nodisinfo.com/Home/23920/

For media hype regarding the ‘white widow’ aka Samantha Lewthwaite, widow of Germaine Lindsey, we quote from a Karen Brothers article, continue reading…

A Syrian fake gassing claim, clearly using actors, is being used to try and kickstart WW3, with the usual ‘Axis of Evil’ UK/US/Israel behind the ploy. The Syrian government had well defeated the ‘rebels’ – or rather, hired mercenaries – and a 20-strong UN team had just arrived to investigate allegations of gassing by the Syrian government. Without intervention we may presume this team would soon have concluded that there was no truth to the stories of the Syrian government having gassed its own people –  whereas there is fairly clear evidence of the US supplying chemical weapons to the ‘rebels.’ continue reading…

Richard D. Hall, Britain’s top paranormal investigator, has thrilled audiences with his wide-ranging and fearless investigations, over the last three years when he has been on Sky TV. However, it seems that a single anonymous ‘complaint’ is enough to have his Rich Planet TV removed from his Sky 191 Channel slot, on Showcase TV. continue reading…

At the last meeting of the Kent Freedom Movement, June 27th, speaker Mark Windows commented upon the Tony Farrell Report,  released last April. His comments were as expected fairly critical.

The Report is centred upon the person of Ms Charles Seven. That is the name she is registered under in the Borough of Westminster. At a Mayday demo, she was claiming to know who had perpetrated the London bombings of 2005. Beneath that video she has helpfully written:

7/7 was in reality a media mafia ritualistc satanic witch hunt vendetta to psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse me into not bringing my evidence to court exposing conspiracy to defraud and murder by way of widespread racketeering of trillions using stolen intellectual property and other highly sinister activities from 2003 onwards.

Uh-huh. She is claiming the event was somehow done for her benefit. continue reading…

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