If your question is not answered here, please feel free to email: info@animeevolution.com

General Questions

What is Anime Evolution?

It is a three-day cultural event celebrating Asian culture, with an emphasis on Japanese animation and gaming.

When is Anime Evolution?

Dates TBA.

Who runs Anime Evolution?

Anime Evolution is run by the Vancouver Anime Convention Society, a registerd non-profit organization. The members of the society are all volunteer staff who work almost 11 months out of the year. It is headed by a Board of Directors that is elected annually by the society members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), one month after the convention has finished and they in turn appoint the committee for he convention. None of the members paid, and they work on their own free time.

How can I help?

You can also volunteer at the convention. Please check our link for working at AE or come to one of our staff meetings. For further information, you can contact our Human Resources director at: hr@animeevolution.com

What do you mean by “peacebonding?”

It is a contract that you sign indicating that you have been checked by security, and that you agree to not harm anyone with your weapon. If you do harm someone, you agree that you alone are liable, and that the convention has no part in it. A tag is part of the peacebonding, so that security can easily see whether or not you have agreed to the peacebonding.


How often do you send out confirmation emails?

Confirmation emails are usually sent out in two week batches. Unfortunately, this schedule cannot be as closely followed as the convention date approaches, due to an increased workload from the increasing number of registrations received just before the final pre-registration deadline.

Why do I need to sign a waiver? Theatres don’t require this.

You might be surprised. Very often tickets will have large amounts of small text on the back that contain a waiver or the ticket may form the part of a larger document including a waiver. By paying for the ticket, you are in effect consenting to agree to the terms of these documents. Generally these documents require an individual to waive the right to hold a party responsible for certain conditions. Due to the nature of the Anime Evolution convention, it is not as easy to control admission to events as in a theatre so we are forced to be more careful in how we do things. Thus, we require you to sign the waiver.

Why do I need to bring identification?

This is to ensure that the pre-registration badges are given to the proper person. This is also to ensure that you are of age to receive an adult pass.

What is considered Valid ID?

Valid ID would be considered Government Issued Photo ID. Which is available from almost any ICBC Drivers Services Centre for a BC ID or a BC Drivers Licence

  • Driver’s license (Valid)
  • BC Identity Card (Valid)
  • Or another Provincial/State Identity Card (Must be Government issued)
  • Citizenship card (recently issued within last 3 years)
  • Passport (Valid)
  • Any photo ID (GO card, work ID, etc.) WITH an additional secondary ID that shows your birthdate (Care Card, birth certificate, etc.).

In addition, the following is also acceptable for those claiming minor convention passes:

  • Any photo ID (GO card, work ID, etc.) WITH an additional second ID that shows your birthdate (Care Card, birth certificate, etc.).

Please note: If you do not bring ID you will not be given your badge. Also if you are an adult you will be given a minor badge until you can prove you are of age with a piece of VALID ID as listed above..

Can I pick-up someone else’s pass for them?

No, each person must pick up their own passes when arriving to the Convention

Is there anyway to get my pass before the convention starts?

As perk of pre-registration, we are offering an advance pass pick-up the night before the convention (Thursday) for all pre-registered persons. All normal registration requirements will be in effect.

Why does my confirmation email payment status say “Pending”?

Very often, registrations get processed, but the payment is not yet processed by either the AE treasury department or our financial institution. In this situation, we identify the payment status as being “Pending”. This is nothing to worry about. In most cases this can be resolved with no further action on your part. If something should occur requiring your action or notification, we will alert you as soon as possible.

Is my convention pass refundable?

Convention policy is that badges are not refundable. In the case of special circumstances, refunds may be granted on an individual basis but this is not a precedent.

What is a “badge name”?

A badge name is any name that you would like to show up on your badge. Typically this is a nickname which can be used for identification, role-playing, or cosplay. Alpha-numeric characters only please, as our printers can only do so much.