China Business Sentiment Highest for Seven Months

Strength in Orders Underpins Confidence

Business confidence among China’s largest companies increased for the third consecutive month in July amid increasingly clear evidence that the authorities are intent on ensuring that economic growth does not slip

Cities and Local Authorities Can Plug Britain’s Energy Investment Gap

Cities and local authorities can provide an alternative to the big six and create a cleaner, smarter, more competitive and affordable energy system, according to a new report from the think tank IPPR.

UK Banks Face Full Scale Competition Inquiry

Britain’s workers value companionship and recognition over a big salary, recent report reveals

Business & Finance

The Economic Benefits of Crowd Working

Crowd working may have been around for years, but it’s only recently that it’s started to become really popular. Otherwise known as crowdsourcing, it can help to save businesses a small fortune. It also has many benefits for the economy

Car Insurance UK: Sorting What You Need From What You Don’t

6 tips to prevent important tasks falling through the cracks

SMEs Approaching Tipping Point Ahead of Interest Rate Rise


Ofsted inspectors back trendy teaching over traditional methods – new analysis

• Civitas investigation lays bare Ofsted bias towards unproven child-led teaching style

• Inspectors given banned list of tell-tale words and phrases… and suggested alternatives to make the same point

• Cut-and-paste reports: judgements copied verbatim from one inspection to another

Government Takes Action to Modernise 100 Year-Old Insurance Industry Rules

Opposition to EU-US trade deal gathers momentum as negotiations falter

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health backs prohibition on smoking in cars carrying children

Science, Technology & Environment

“Chinese YouTube” Used as DDoS Machine

Even the biggest websites in the world are vulnerable to DDoS. Want proof?

Is it time to lock up those who commit research fraud?

Head to head: Should research fraud be a crime?

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