Glass Collective
Funding innovation through Glass

Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers have teamed up to form the Glass Collective.

We’re excited by the promise of the Glass platform. Developers are already dreaming up new experiences for Glass, and we want to help bring those ideas to life.

The Glass Collective investment syndicate will provide financing and support to entrepreneurs shaping the future through Glass.

Bill Maris
Google Ventures

“When you first see somebody wearing Glass, you might think “What can that thing do?” Well, quite honestly, we’re wondering the same thing. When entrepreneurs and engineers encounter a new computing platform, amazing things happen. Think how much the cell phone has changed, just from 2007 to 2013. We’re really interested in where Glass goes from here.”

John Doerr

“This is a platform so new, so unlike anything before, that we can’t guess what the killer services will be. But, believe me, they’re coming. The best ideas for the Glass platform will come from entrepreneurs — they always do.”

Marc Andreessen
Andreessen Horowitz

“The thesis of Glass is profoundly transformational. And as with the Internet and smartphones, a huge amount of work will be done by third-party developers to fully realize the Glass vision. Glass brings developers a new springboard for creativity and an amazing new platform to build the defining services of the future.”

What is the Glass Collective and why does it exist?

Google Ventures, KPCB, and Andreessen Horowitz believe in the promise that development on the Glass platform will improve lives and change the way we live. With the combined resources and expertise of three top venture capital firms, the Glass Collective offers seed funding to startups working on creative, diverse, and crazy ideas that are shaping the future through Glass.

How do I submit an idea to the Glass Collective?

The Glass Collective invests in entrepreneurs with bold, creative ideas and a roadmap for making them happen. To work with the Glass Collective, contact investors at Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, or KPCB. No matter who you contact, investing partners from the firms will collectively review all startup pitches related to Glass.

We don’t publish independent contact information for the Glass Collective because we’ve learned that it’s difficult to sort through the volume that comes through an open email alias. Good opportunities get buried and we miss them. We can better appreciate your vision if we hear about your business directly, or through our colleagues and associates.

What kind of startups and ideas does the Glass Collective want to see?

We’re eager to see both services and hardware for Glass that define new paradigms for how technology fits into people’s lives. In particular, we’re excited about consumer and enterprise innovations that impact areas that millions of people rely upon everyday — like messaging, sharing, search, and navigation.

What type of investments does the Glass Collective make?

Our plan is to start with seed investments in the United States. As the platform matures, our investment strategy will likely evolve as well.