ContentBridge Takes on Amplify’s Digital Supply Chain Duties

February 26, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized 

By Chris Tribbey

In mid-January, Los Angeles-based digital distributor GoDigital and New York-based theatrical distributor Variance Films announced they had merged under the brand name Amplify.

Amplify’s stated goal: offer a unique, all-rights film distribution company, releasing up to 10 films a year, across every platform, with windowing (day and date, early digital, traditional, etc.) determined on a film-by-film basis.

And while that merger was taking place (with both GoDigital and Variance Films continuing to operate as individual brands under Amplify) digital supply chain software company ContentBridge System was already waiting in the wings, set to take over all the digital supply chain needs of the newly formed company.

“It’s a big deal, having a company trust all of its digital distribution needs to us, and it’s something we’ve worked on [since before the merger]” said Doug Reinart. COO for ContentBridge, which announced Feb. 25 that Amplify had signed an exclusive agreement for ContentBridge’s digital tools (covering asset management, packaging and delivery automation, and workflow management). “It’s a validation for us, that our customer service platform is something [Amplify] will rely on.”

Regarding the deal, Amplify CEO Logan Mulvey noted in a statement: “Amplify will utilize ContentBridge for all asset prep and delivery.”

GoDigital has been using ContentBridge’s suite of digital supply chain management software (for content packaging and deployment to retailers and publishers) since early 2011.

This is the third deal Santa Monica, Calif.-based ContentBridge has announced since January, with the company adding film sales and distribution company Vision Films and indie film festival distributor Visit Films to its roster to start the year.

“This year our client base of VOD services grew, each of the platforms require different digital delivery master and metadata formats, and now ContentBridge’s technology makes it easy for us to quality check, manage and deliver our assets to all of the platforms at the same time,” Lise Romanoff, Vision Films’ managing director and CEO of worldwide distribution, said during the announcement.

ContentBridge already has at least one digital duty to handle from the merged Amplify brand: GoDigital recently acquired the Sarah Jessica Parker-produced documentary Pretty Old for domestic distribution (with a day-and-date theatrical and VOD release slated for March).


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