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...Why not grow your own chile peppers?


There are a number of companies and individuals on the Internet who sell of grow chile pepper seeds. You can get a large number of varieties ranging from the very common to the quite rare and exotic! Some of the companies listed below are commercial suppliers only, but I have included them as they have developed new F1 chile pepper varieties.


Please note that some links to photos in the database have since been removed from this list, as the associated URL's are dead at this time! There are also some duplications; variety 'ABC Red' might also be listed as 'Red ABC'!

Those websites with are well recommended for photos of pepper varieties
Those people/websites with are thanked/recommended for further information


Abbott & Cobb
Ahmed Mahir and Ismail Ahmad @ University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Allen M. Boatman aboatman @
Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard
Bakker Brothers
Beijing Mantian Seeds Company Ltd.
Biad Chili Products
Burpee Seeds
Burrell's Better Seeds
Campbell's Seeds
Caribbean Seeds
Chillis Galore
Clover Seed Company
Cross Country Nurseries
Cuban Wahine cubanwahine @
Danson Seed Company
De Corato Sementi SRL
De Ruiter Seeds
Doug Goldenberg dgoldenberg @
Enchanted Seeds
Enza Zaden BV
Esasem S.p.A.
Fire Girl
Genesis Seeds Ltd.
Green-Seeds Company
Hannes Zantow zantow @
Harris Moran Seed Company
Hazera Genetics Ltd.
Hild Samen GmbH
Indo-American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt. Ltd.
J. L. Hudson, Seedsman
Jim Maley at Master Gardeners
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Jukka Kilpinen
L. Daehnfeldt A/S
Mats & Patricia Pettersson
Mike Bowers mkbowers @
Mike's World of Peppers
Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Company
Mahyco Inc.
Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
Nathan Abbott naskipjack @
Natural Gardening
Nicky's Seeds
Nirit Seeds Ltd.
Pepper Fool
Pepper Joe's
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Plants of Distinction
Plants of the Southwest
Rabi Gábor
Richard Souza styx @
Richard van Luijk richard_van_luijk @
RichPro Seed Company Ltd.
Redwood Seeds
Reimer Seeds
Safal Seeds & Biotech Ltd.
Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds of Change
Seeds Trust
Stephen sv @
Stokes Seeds
Sunseeds Company Ltd.
Terra Time & Tide
Terranova Seeds Pty. Ltd.
Territorial Seed Company
The Chile Pepper Institute
The Chile Woman
The Chilli Man
The Chilli Pepper Company
The Cook's Garden
The Cool Chile Company
The Garden Shop
The Great Chilli Farm
The Pepper Gal
Thompson & Morgan
Tomato Growers Supply Company
Tommi Hietavuo thietavu @
Totally Tomatoes UK
Tough Love Chile Company
Twilley Seed Company
UK Chile Head chile_head @
UK Chilefarm
Uncle Steve's HOT Stuff
United Genetics India Pvt. Ltd.
UWGB Heirloom Peppers
Vicky Naxera vnaxera @
Vilmorin Italia Srl
Wageningen UR Gene Bank
Willard Bridgham III willard3 @
Willhite Seed Inc.
Zeraim Gedera