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Why carry a 24-hour pack?

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The PREpack™
for Hikers

This gear list was designed for the recreational day-tripper, because we think hikers should have some "just-in-case" supplies in the event the unexpected happens. In fact, we hope having this gear will help avoid some common problems in the first place. That's why we've included tools to aid with navigation and insulation, two light sources in case darkness catches up with you, and a map case to keep that vital paper dry and handy.

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Have questions about any piece of gear or its use, either before purchase or after? Feel free to ask, and we'll make the time to help.

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What's included & Why

We realize that a pre-equipped backpack is expensive and not for everyone (and unfortunately no longer cost effective for us to assemble for you). That's why we've put together a list of the individual items from the PREpack into a

Build Your Own 24-Hour Pack store

where you can pick and choose from various ten essential categories, or pick up that one piece of gear you need.

See NASAR's 24-hour pack list.

The SARpack™
for Rescue Personnel

The SARpack was designed with Search & Rescue volunteer professionals in mind, for 24-hour preparedness in the field. SAR unit members can use this gear list as the foundation of a 24-hour pack, add clothing, food and water and other necessary equipment, then grab it and go when the next call comes in.

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The SARpack
gear list differs from the PREpack in a number of ways, including a larger pack, additional items and some upgraded models.

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What's included & Why 

New to SAR? Check with your team leader to be sure this gear will be acceptable, and to find out what you'll need to add to your own 24-hour pack. (Of course, you don't have to be in SAR to use all this gear.)

You can
Build Your Own SARpack

by choosing from items we've included in this list of brands and models.

A friendly reminder:

24-hour packs are not intended to replace common sense or skill. Neither are these gear lists meant to include the full complement of what one should carry. (See Other Recommended Gear for our suggestions.) It is always the responsibility of the user to add any and all food and water, clothing, shelter, technical and other gear he or she deems necessary for the outdoor adventure or mission, and to ensure that all gear is in proper working order. Equipment should always be reviewed and tested before taking it into the field. And know how to operate all of the equipment in your pack before hitting the trail. You may want to read, Hikers: Common Mistakes to Avoid, for some additional tips on staying safe--and getting found--in the backcountry.

Please also note: These packs are not being endorsed by any SAR team or organization; they are merely combinations of known, brand-name gear put together as options for the basis of a 24-hour pack.

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