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We are always amazed at what some People find offensive …

A couple of years back we put out an image of a Man on a Bike … with the slogan “Christ on a Bike | Jesus he Say, Don’t You Pay!” (see on left).

The message related to the Local Property Tax/Household Charge, and is probably applicable to the recent debacle concerning Water Charges and Income Tax also.

We got some vitriol & abuse thrown back at us, for using the image, which is in actuality nicely drawn, with friendly non-invasive colours and text.

It was as if we had re-created a Christian version of the Satanic Verses or something of that ilk.

Have a look at the image … and tell us you don’t find it poignant yet humorous?

We thought that we might throw it out once again, given recent events … lets us know what you think, and by all means, please do share as you see fit.

So get yer bike(s) & go to the ATT Summer School & Fundraiser: www.attsummer.eventbrite.com/

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