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Learn Flash

Learn Flash so that you can become a Flash developer! What does the brush tool do? How do you make a motion tween? Flash tutorials in animation, production techniques, and tricks will help you get on your feet as a new developer, or even reinforce some previous knowledge as a veteran of Flash. While playing around with the program is always step one in learning Flash, Flashwiki has your back.

The Basics · Tweening · Symbol


Actionscript recently got a facelift with the release of Flash CS3, and it's included release of Actionscript 3. Actionscript is the primary programming language for Flash, providing extended control for movie playback, or as a game development tool. There is a virtually limitless control to be granted in Flash to those who learn Actionscript.

Getting Started · Actionscript 2 · Actionscript 3


Tutorials are step-by-step instructions on basic to advanced topics in Flash. There are a lot of tools available in Flash with confusing documentation. If there is a specific thing you want to do, or if you want access to simple information on complex stuff, this is the way to go. Both Actionscript and Animation tutorials can be found, to quench your Flash programming and graphics needs.

Animated Water · Drawing · Preloader


Developers are people like you! Well, most of you. Flash developers drive the Flash community by providing mostly free content to the public, so their recognition is well earned. Blood, sweat and tears pour into these projects, and some projects can take months and months at a time. Regardless of whether you are a developer yourself, you can help contribute to these articles!

The Super Flash Bros · Glaiel-Gamer · Adam Phillips


Animations has been around way before Flash ever existed, but Flash has become a pretty neat tool for creating them. Here is a selection of many Flash animations.

Nightmare City · Blockhead · The Touchtone Genius


Games will make those work-time worries go away quick. Check out some amazing games on the Flashwiki, or contribute some of your own articles to your own games you've found. Either way, you'll be supporting the Flash community!

Gateway · Stick Arena · Line Rider

Recent News

9/5/2007 - Rally for Page Building

Flashwiki has been doing well for itself so far, however, I think we can do better. After some recent fixes to help discourage spam use and upgrading the server and software, I have decided it's about time I start getting serious with this project again. Flashwiki really has a place on the internet now, and given that it's about to turn 1 year old, I am excited at the prospect of rolling this site out even further. Let's continue adding to this site!


Requested Articles

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Events · Framerate · Actionscript 3 Migration · Intervals · making a clock · Dynamic HitTest · Streaming Sound · Sound · Movieclip Properties · Stamper · Platformer Creation · RPG Creation

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