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    Bob Armstrong
    Looking for a Free Country in/from which to Teach & Learn .

    Bob Armstrong on MotorBoard by Peck Slip : LIBERTARIAN Scoots for Congress
    Congress , 2000
    Born : Evanston IL , 1944 11 08 . Left Handed . Father
    K-8 : Elm Place School , Highland Park IL
    8-12 CulverMilitaryAcademy : Culver IN
    SAT scores : ~ 720 each , Verbal and Math .
    Achievement , Physics : 800 .

    '63-'64 : Miami University , Oxford Ohio .
    `64-`65 : Bakers & Confection Worker`s Local 101 ,
    SaraLee , Deerfield IL .
    `65-`66 : Miami University , Oxford Ohio .
    '66-`69 : Northwestern University , Evanston IL . BA ,
    Honors in Psychology , GRE , Psychology : 900 .
    `69-`79 : Northwestern University Graduate School
    `76 : MS, Mathematical Psychophysics, Northwestern University.
    ( A Small Sample statistic more powerful than Fisher`s Exact Test )
    Taught some classes on The mathematics of associative memory
    Taught Introductory psychology statistics in both Northwestern's
     night school and summer school . The summer school course might have
    been better titled
    "The geometry of statistics using APL" . I have rather
    extensive handout notes which I wrote for the course .
    The approach
     laid the foundation for understanding
    analysis of variance , ANOVA .

    '79 : Unpublished Dissertation : What Psychophysical Thresholds Tell Us
    See : CoSy/Views/PsychoPhysics Psychophysical experiments can only
    define brain structure down to similarity classes . Ratios of external to
    internal noise determine multi-dimensional normals almost everywhere .

    : Solved Algorithms for minimal paths around N-dimensional Simplices
    and Cubes , in APL . See : CoSy Logo
    1980 : Consultant , Xerox , Rochester , NY .
    Rewrote Xerox's Worldwide, Long-Range Market Forecasting System.
    ( Fast multidimensional numeric relational data base language created in APL )
    : Founded Coherent Systems , Inc . First used CoSy as mailbox
    name on I.P.Sharp APL network .
    `81-`83 : Consulting , Including :
    Rewrote Rochester Gas and Electric's Corporate Modeling System
    used to support rate requests to New York State.
    `84 : Came to New York City to work with Marvin Markowitz .
    Created CoSy, an APL Hypertext Notebook for personal information
    Early customers of CoSy included :
    • A Senior Vice President of CitiBank.
    • Wyatt Tee Walker , founder of Freedom National Bank , served as
      Chief of Staff to Martin Luther King and to Jessie Jackson.
    • A Senior Partner at Spicer & Oppenheim, a major international accounting firm.
    • An Emmy winning owner of a TV advertising agency .
    • The head of Fila Sportswae Brazil.
    • One of foremost actuaries in North America.
    Bob continues to pioneer the integration of computers in the everyday business of life and has recently moved fundamental diary use to his nascent 4th.CoSy NoteComputing Environment returning to his previous K.CoSy mainly for accounting functions ( and that's a big "mainly" ) .

    The APL family languages are mathematically based notations whose major market is high level financial systems . The Forth family languages are minimal extensible kernal dictionaries below which is only the language of the silicon . See CoSy/Language

    In 2000-2001 , Bob moved from his circa 1984 APL-PC based CoSy into a new environment , K.CoSy , constructed in Arthur Whitney's K language which he considered the evolute of APL which has best implemented his own notions of structural transparency ( see Language/LowDownObjects ) plus many features he never imagined . However , non-infix syntax and interests very divergent from the Whitneys led Bob in 2005 to start constructing his own APL informed system from the Forth up . Bob continues to press forward the evolution of CoSy , to empower the individual to truly control his own machine - and life . Keep up to date by joining the CoSy.Forum .

    In August 2002 , motivated by the experiences of the neighborhood , Bob had a vision for an extremely strong , symmetric structure appropriate for creating the tallest and strongest of life spaces . He computed the "part list" to create this Conic All Connect in K.CoSy and this patent pending structure is available for licensing .

    Bob is Trustee of the Mary E.J. Armstrong Trust , for discretionary benefit of his retarded brother Jack . Family affairs have consumed a large fraction of his time and energy over the last couple of decades .

    Bob has become a Bleeding Heart Libertarian in recent years and was the Manhattan Libertarian Party drug affairs director and , in 2005 , their treasurer and webmaster , remaining webmaster even after moving to Colorado . He contributed the "Logic of Liberty" column to the MLP's SerfCity.US tabloid . He began blogging recent activity , editorials , and articles at CoSy.com/current in 1997 . That activity has , of course , inevitably shifted to various social media .  See CoSy.com for links .

    Bob lived at 42 Peck Slip , built in 1873 at the Fulton Fish Market , from Fall 1984 til Summer 2005
    when he moved to the family "miniranch" on the edge of Woodland Park , Colorado .

    42 Peck Slip , 4B&C , where I lived for 2 decades

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    See rest of CoSy for current activities and links .
    CoSy : Ultimate Executive NoteComputer

    Note : I reserve the right to post all communications I receive or generate to CoSy website for further reflection .
    Contact : Bob Armstrong ; About this page : Feedback ; 719-337-2733
    Coherent Systems / 28124 Highway 67 / Woodland Park , Colorado / 80863-9711
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