10 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Robot Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)

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By Kal Cobalt

“I write robot erotica” is a great conversation starter. Often, the questions people ask me are things I never considered at the keyboard. Other times, something I consider a basic tenet of robotica startles even the most shrewd of discussion partners. So here they are: the top ten things people either want to know about robotica or are most surprised to discover.

1. Robots Need Lubricant.
When bringing one’s first piece of robotica to a prestigious workshop, the last thing you want to hear is the chairman saying, “Maybe you know more about this than I do, but if the metal robot is giving a human a handjob…wouldn’t that hurt without lube?” Actually, the last thing you want to hear is that exact sentiment when you realize he’s completely right and the story is already in the mail to a publisher who accepts it a week later. Don’t let this happen to you, kids. Friends don’t let friends write about dry robots.

2. Robots Don’t Need Standard Parts.
Ever since Metropolis, society’s default assumption is that sex robots are female. Why stick to the norm? Since they’re robots, why even stick to human genitalia? I’ve never written about a robot with human genitalia. One of my robots acquired an interest in sex but was stuck in his asexual housing, so he gave handjobs. Another got the sex he wanted thanks to an enterprising human who noticed that the divot between the robot’s legs, initially created to make mechanical walking easier, was a splendid place to rub a penis. (With lube. See #1.)

3. Robots May Have Gender Issues.
One robot in a story of mine decided that he was male after learning enough about gender to feel justified in making such a determination. (The robot eventually determined that he was homosexual in the same fashion.) However, there’s no need for robots to remain trammeled by human constraints of gender. Perhaps a robot penis is just a fancy add-on attached with a strong magnet and removed when sex is over. Maybe a robot vagina doubles as a secret compartment. Or perhaps a robot is entirely nonstandard, festooned with vibrating bits and nubbly bobs and shaped like one very hedonistic chair. It’s unfair to force robot gender to conform to human standards.

4. Robots Could Be Clingy Lovers.
Remember Furbys? Those cute, incredibly annoying things soccer moms punched each other in the toy aisles for a few holiday seasons ago? Although the programming in Furbys is certainly rudimentary, this technological success — and our reaction to it — suggests that there will be more “emotion-based” programming in future artificial pets and companions. While many enjoy the idea of robots as life-sized sex toys with no more personality, emotion, or neediness than a dildo, there is every reason to imagine that we will create robots with needs. They may have a programmed need to please, or a learning algorithm that causes them to observe the intimate habits of their masters and seek to participate. The variations on this theme are endless.

5. Robot Lovers Do It Till It Hurts.
Clearly, mechanical lovers don’t have the same limitations as human ones. “Jackhammer thrusts” aren’t just for metaphors anymore, nor is the phrase “we went at it all night.” Does this mean that refractory-free robots imbued with artificial sex drives will enslave humanity in a nymphomaniacal stupor? Sure, if that’s your thing…

6. Robot Lovers Have Convenient Memories.
Awkward post-coital conversations are a thing of the past with robots — just shut ‘er down. If you’ve had a down-and-dirty evening with your robot companion and decide afterward that it was a little too dirty, just reset it and all is forgotten. Alternately, “perfect memory” scenarios hold some allure: teach your robot to give you head just the right way, and it’ll never forget.

7. Robots Can Be Serial Innocents.
Ever dream about deflowering a virgin? With a robot, you could do it over and over — run the virgin program again and again. Alternately, some might enjoy getting sexual with robots who have no sexual programming or comprehension (although Asimov might have wanted to have a chat with you about ethics). The sex offenders of the future may well be those who swear to their robot companions that they’re just performing some routine maintenance with their fifth appendage…

8. Why Would Robots Want Robot Nookie?
This is an important but often difficult question, particularly if the robot does not have some sort of sex drive programmed. The robot may be motivated by curiosity after seeing humans in intimate situations, or after learning that humans are made in a vastly different way than robots. A robot might desire sexual contact in an effort to please a human, or perhaps even to pass as human if it’s designed well enough to do so otherwise. There are as many reasons for robot nookie as there are for the human flavor.

9. Can Robots Come?
Of course, since robotica is (currently) fiction, the answer is yes, but creating a believable framework can be challenging, particularly in determining what orgasm would feel like to a mechanical being. Given the intriguing research that suggests human orgasm creates a kind of reset of the brain or even a momentary trance state, perhaps robot orgasm is a type of momentary shutdown or reboot. Maybe it’s a close cousin to defragging, or a pleasant electrical shock. If we’re talking about robots with programmed sex drives, perhaps the “orgasm” is the relief of the overriding sexual urge subsiding and allowing the robot to resume normal functions. Modifications could be made to approximate the orgasmic physiology of humans. Imagine a robot built with an artificial penis containing a reservoir of liquid. At user-specified times, the liquid pressurizes, which triggers programming to eject the liquid which overrides all of the rest of the robot’s programming until that task is completed. Perhaps the methodology of liquid ejection involves a complex system of hydraulics triggered by repetitive friction to the sides of the mechanical penis. (Just be careful that this doesn’t result in #5-style rape, and be sure to actually explain to the robot how to relieve the pressure, or else you’ll have one very dirty mixture of #4 and #7.)

And finally:

10. Do You Have To Be A Geek To Write Robotica?
No…but it helps.

Kal Cobalt’s robotica will be published in Greg Herren’s forthcoming “Distant Horizons 2″ anthology, and K.C.’s tale of cyborg sex will appear in Circlet Press’s “Best Fantastic Erotica.” For links to K.C.’s erotica, sci fi, and nonfiction, please visit kalcobalt.com — a site that will remain a work in progress until Kal finds a nice hot robot with HTML skills.


  1. Comment by ctan:

    Reading this makes me want to go lock myself in a room with my new rabbit pearl vibrator. It’s one of the ones made of a completely clear gel/silicone so you can see all the metal mechanical moving parts inside it…

  2. Comment by I.G. Frederick:

    Although this article addresses fictional robot erotica, I think it reveals some rather amazing possibilities for future sexuality. As Kal points out, some of the potential is already technologically available.

    More than anything this indicates that we need to get the current political climate of sexual repression changed or we’re likely to miss some amazing cyborg opportunities.

  3. Comment by Hilary Jaye:

    Mmmm. Clingy serially-virginal pansexually-confused robots. I’ll be placing my preorder now.

  4. Comment by Larry Brooks:

    Heavy metal sex meets mechanical precision. Always knew WD-40 was kinky. Sweet writing, too. Bigger things for her.

  5. Comment by ctan:

    OK, and I am really amused by the Google link ad that came up alongside the essay. Given the context:

    Browse a huge
    selection now
    to find exactly
    what you want

    Hmm, wouldn’t sexbots be against eBay’s adult products policy? *laughs*

  6. Comment by Sarah Hilary:

    Excellent article, I laughed until my circuits blew. *g* Google wants to sell me a robot guinea pig – maybe you could cover this sort of kink in your next article?

  7. Comment by amqueue:

    Hey, the Google ads I got were “Used Robots for Sale (all units with warranties! Over 20 years experience!)” and “Christian Book Publishing.”

    I hesitate to delve deeper into any messages, here…

  8. Comment by Rachel:

    “Does this mean that refractory-free robots imbued with artificial sex drives will enslave humanity in a nymphomaniacal stupor?”

    AHHHAHAHAHAhahahahaomg that’s — um.


    I’ll be in my bunk.

    (Seriously, awesome article. It makes me want to write robot porn.)

  9. Comment by Sorcha R:

    I love the humor and the expansion upon the usual concepts of what robotic sex would entail.

    If K-9 got a little too curious with the Doctor, would that be robobestiality?

  10. Comment by Dave:

    LOL! Great top 10 list!

    Check out a story I have published re Robot sex to become a reality by 2050.

    I foresee robot prostitutes that are self cleaning!


  11. Comment by Azeari:

    “sexaroids” make appearances in a few different Japanese anime and manga.

    The Megatokyo webcomic explores some of these issues from a humorous angle:


  12. Comment by ctan:

    I LOVE!! Mega-tokyo. It’s not only one of the best depictions of fans and geeks in fiction, but it’s also incredibly gender subversive.

    For those who don’t want to read all the comics online, there are 5 volumes of it collected into pocket-manage sized books.

  13. Comment by gh4acws:

    check “The Silver Eggheads” by Fritz Leiber http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/l/fritz-leiber/silver-eggheads.htm
    Contains sex-robots and sex between robots. ( those are NOT the main part of the storyline though )

  14. Comment by Joe:

    It’s “cum” not “come”

  15. Comment by ctan:

    Sorry, Joe, our house style is “come,” never “cum.” Unless you’re speaking Latin.

  16. Comment by Joe:

    When in Rome….

  17. Comment by ctan:

    Well, if your name is Summa, you may come loudly.

  18. Comment by maurice:

    So we now need robot sex theropists and call girl robots and chat shows about robot sex??

  19. Comment by Joey1058:

    My brain just fried itself in total logic. I’m totally comfortable with the concept of human/robot sex, if the machine in question is humanoid form. However, I’m also a champion of non-humanoid robotic forms. Making love to something that is so accutely non-humanoid simply never occured to me. All that’s really *needed* is either an orifice or an appendage. And of course, lube….

  20. Comment by Rio-kun:

    That is awesome and I love you.

  21. Comment by eccentric presses:

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  22. Comment by an anonymous robophile:

    You write robot erotica?! Where can I read it, I’ve been looking for some for AGES!

  23. Comment by justin:

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    a short film about just this topic


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