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The 'LevelCalc' heart rate training zone calculator calculates your heart rate training zones in accordance with guidelines that have been defined by various top coaches. For use by cyclists and other athletes who use a heart rate monitor as a training aid. Guidelines include ACSM, Dr Peter Kanopka, Karvonen's formula, Sally Edwards, Peter Keen's (adopted by the ABCC and BCF) original guidelines, and the revised BCF ABCC and WCPP training zone guidelines.

The heart rate calculator, now offers three alternative methods of estimating maximum heart rate. (Although measured heart rate values are still preferred). These are:

Screenshot of heart rate training calculator showing 6 different guidelines. Max heart rate estimated using age weight and sex

I have attempted to use the most commonly quoted formulae in this program. All of them are genuine well informed attempts to define several different levels of training intensity. All give slightly different values. One reason for using several methods is to give some idea about how much uncertainty there is about the precise heart rate figures. The trouble is that people are all different, what works well for me might not work for you. Also RHR, MHR, and the aerobic limit will all vary from day to day, for lots of different reasons including; state of health, diet, temperature, and (women) the time of the month (and possibly even the phase of the moon).

Some of the older methods, such as Dr. Kanopka’s work entirely on age. Measured maximum heart rate is more reliable, but this is rather undesirable for some people (if in doubt consult your doctor first). Opinions vary regarding how many training zones should be defined. But generally speaking lower intensities are used in combination with longer distances, to develop basic endurance and stamina, and to exercise the body’s fat burning metabolism. Higher intensities develop power, and exercise the body’s carbohydrate burning metabolism. Very high intensities, that can only be maintained for very short duration’s are used to develop high powered sprints, mainly fuelled by carbohydrates, but also by stored muscular glycogen, using stored phosphates to liberate the required oxygen supply. The general principle is that; the body will gradually adapt to cope with new demands. So if you want to improve your 50 mile time, practice 50 mile rides, if you want to improve your sprints, practice sprinting or hill climbing.

System Requirements

An IBM compatible ‘386 or better, running 95 or later

Download The Heart Rate Calculator

Click here to download a complete install set for the LevelCalc 2.1.7 Heart Rate Calculator (1.461MB)

If you already have already installed v2.1.3 or later the following files can be simply unziped and copied over your old ones to bring your installation up to date:

Click here to download the latest LevelCalc 2.1.7 Heart Rate Calculator executable (30kb)
Click here to download the latest LevelCalc 2.1.4 Heart Rate Calculator help files (29kb)

You can also be download the heart rate software as part of the Machinehead Bicycle Software Package

If You Can't Run Windows

I have written a Javascript version of LevelCalc (BCF/ABCC original guidelines).
And another heart rate calculator useing the new BCF/ABCC/WCPP revised guidelines

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