Easy Shawl Pattern
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Easy Shawl Pattern

This is a very easy way to knit a shawl if you have a mid gauge or chunk machine. If you use a fine gauge or standard bed machine, the end product may be only large enough for a triangular scarf.

This is a pattern which was shared by Carole Thimidis. I give her the credit and her opening paragraph on the pattern is;

This is a scarf for those knitters who are tired of the basics and turning out swatches of yarn whilst learning their craft. This scarf is suitable for all machines and all knitters regardless of expertise but is particularly great for those new knitters who want to make something useful. When you take it off the machine it is finished, including the fringe! The size of the scarf depends on the yarn, machine, and number of needles used. If you knit it 50 left to 50 right on a 4.5 mm machine, you usually have a nice scarf to fill in the neck opening of a coat or with a pretty dress yarn, it becomes an accent to smarten up a plain garment. This is a generic scarf that has been passed around the knitting world as long as Carole has been part of it and to the best of her knowledge, it belongs to no one or to all of us!


On left side of bed, e-wrap from left to right needles 50,49, 48. Leave between empty and e-wrap needles 40, 39. With carriage on right (C.O.R.) , thread machine and knit to left.

C.O.L. do simple increase by puling out needle 38 into work. Knit 2 rows, pull needle 37 into work, knit 2 rows. Continue in this manner until you reach needle 50 on right side of bed. Knit 2 rows.

C.O.L. set carriage to hold. Pull needle 50 on right side to hold position. Knit 2 rows. Do not wrap needle in hold. Continue pulling right end needle to hold position until all needles from 50 right to 39 left are in hold.

C.O.L. push needle 38 into work, knit 2 rows. Push needle 37 into work, knit 2 rows. Continue pushing needles into work and knitting 2 rows until all needles are back in work.

C.O.L. at far right side, do a simple cast off by pulling right end stitch in next needle latch and pull through. Knit 2 rows. Continue casting off all stitches and knitting 2 rows in this manner. Until you have only your fringe 3 stitches and needle 40 with stitches. Cut yarn and pull tail through stitch 40 and remove from machine....stitches 50, 49, 48 are open stitches!

Unravel the first 2 rows of fringe stitches and knot. Unravel next 2 rows of stitches and knot. Continue in this fashion until all fringe stitches are secured by a knot. Pull your scarf into shape and block. Fringes can be cut or left circular. Whatever you do, don't try and wash or press your scarf before unraveling and securing the fringe, as once washed and blocked the stitches when unraveled keep their curly appearance and spoil the look of the fringe. Also, don't try to unravel more than 2 rows at a time, otherwise it is possible to get into a terrible mess.

To knit the lacy shawl in the right hand picture, I did not add the fringe as I was knitting. Also, every other row I moved every other stitch onto the stitch beside it to create the lacy look. I did the alternate stitch move over on every other row so that the holes created were not always on top of each other. I have also knitted this shawl with two colors giving it a stripped look.

If you have questions, send me an email at Liz Bivens .






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