Test and track your emails

Email previews, analytics and spam filter testing.

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Email Previews

Does your email look beautiful everywhere?

Preview your campaigns across 30+ email clients and devices and get screenshots in minutes.

See how your message looks in the preview pane, and with images on and off.

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Spam Testing

Your emails won’t get read if they’re not in the inbox

Get your email scanned before you send.
Our comprehensive test checks your authentication, your reputation, and provides scores and feedback for common ISP and corporate filters.

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Email Analytics

Data you won’t get from your email software

Who read your email and who deleted it? Were they using a mobile device? Did they print or forward it? See email client popularity, engagement, prints, forwards and geolocation.

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Works with your existing email software

Litmus doesn’t send your emails; we’re not another email provider. Litmus is a simple, web-based application
that is the perfect complement to Vertical Response, MailChimp, or any other mailing tool you’re using.
Litmus is the email marketer’s secret weapon for bulletproof campaigns.

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Find out how Litmus helps:

Reassure clients with bulletproof testing

Simple tools to preview, troubleshoot and fix HTML emails and templates.
  • Compatibility testing

    With over 30 supported email clients and devices, Litmus makes it easy for you to test your email designs.

  • Interactive testing

    Modify HTML and view your changes in actual email clients in real time, via a connection to a live virtual machine.

  • Share test reports

    Document compatibility results and publish test reports to share with clients.

Easy email testing for your teams

Litmus lets you resell, markup and add value to client engagements.
  • Be an email expert

    Offering email testing and analytics through Litmus means providing the best email tools and insight in the industry.

  • Flexible setup

    Add new team members, clients and partners. Create new accounts, organize departments and manage access to your tests.

  • No limits

    Set up unlimited users, run unlimited tests, collect unlimited opens and have unlimited access to all our features.

Tools for more successful campaigns

You will wonder how you've been living without our spam testing tools and email analytics.
  • Know before you send

    Your marketing message can't be effective if it’s unreadable, or never hits the inbox. See exactly what your subscribers see and solve problems before they become headaches.

  • Never send out a broken link again

    No more clicking through every link to check it’s going to the right place. We'll alert you if anything in your email is broken, so you can rest assured it's safe to send.

  • Data you've never had

    Our email analytics go beyond what your email software offers, giving you data on engagement, prints, forwards, and more, so you can customize your campaigns for your audience.

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