Is Dapper Laughs the future of comedy?

ITV2 has signed up one of Vine’s most popular comedians to star in his own series about pulling birds. Get ready for some top, top bantz

Is Dapper Laughs the future of comedy?
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Jack Seale

Who is Dapper Laughs? If you don’t know, you’re missing out and are probably a virgin or something, because Dapper – the performing name of south Londoner Daniel O’Reilly – is a sensation on six-second-video network Vine, where he has more than half a million followers. Dapper Laughs is a “pulling magnet” and a massive, massive ledge who likes birds.

ITV2 has spotted Laughs’ talent and signed him up for his own series, Dapper Laughs on the Pull. “Dapper’s not afraid to get his hands dirty,” the channel said last week as they announced the commission. “On The Pull will see him out and about causing trouble and helping the Great British public perfect the art of pulling. Fans will be thrilled as Dapper unleashes a host of brand new fearless sketches.”

Executive producer Chris Graves added: “Dapper’s a naughty little rascal with a bodacious approach to pulling!”

Fans of banter, birds, Keith Lemon, Benny Hill, estate agents, stag dos, Roy “Chubby” Brown, shouting at women in the street at night, calculators turned upside down to spell rude words, Lee Nelson, farts, Carry On films, ringing doorbells and running away, whoopee cushions, bullying, Christmas crackers, Robin Thicke, Page 3 or novelty postcards should check Dapper out without delay.

Let’s look at ten of his most epic Vines.

1. "You alright girls, wanna go for a ride?"

This is quintessential Dapper. He often takes jokes that are so old most people would be too embarrassed to do them in private, let alone on the internet to 500,000 people, and makes them his own. Watch how he gives this visual pun a clever, no-nonsense twist.

2. "Great haircut!"

Dapper is an accomplished improviser. Even an event such as the London Marathon is fuel for his irreverent, brave comedy. The race only lasts half a day, but Dapper still had time to come up with these three stone-cold belters. Frightening.

3. "You've got to be inconspicuous"

People looking for the next Dom Joly have often had those hopes bitterly dashed, but could we finally have found Britain's new king of aggressive merking? Look at the guy's face as Dapper shouts something that doesn't really make sense, from quite a long way away! OK, so you can't see his face and he barely even stops, but still. What a mug. Classic.

4. "Taken for a ride"

At the time of writing this clip has been looped 423,000 times on Vine. Will we ever unlock its secrets?

5. "Always pretend you're hard"

Dapper's work takes on a darker hue. Comedy, at its finest, confronts our deepest fears. Here, Dapper unflinchingly taps into everyone's worst nightmare: that we might be gay. Or perhaps someone we know is, secretly. That would be horrendous! The good news is you'll probably be pretty safe at one of Dapper's gigs.

6. "I'm from Alabama"

Advice for young, up-and-coming comedy writers: don't overthink it. 

7. "Women like men that are giving"

Ladies! Imagine sitting next to Dapper on a long-haul flight! Just imagine that. Perhaps he could offer it as a competition prize.

8. "Mama!"

"These videos are about as funny as those plastic breasts they sell in joke- ah."

9. "I don't even know your name!"

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10. "Gays."

But, truly, I have wept too much! The dawns are heartbreaking. Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter” - Arthur Rimbaud

Dapper Laughs plays London Scala on 16, 22 and 29 October (16 October sold out; 29 October added due to overwhelming demand), and Manchester Gorilla on 18 and 24 October. Dapper Laughs on the Pull airs on ITV2 later this year. 

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