Fits and adapts to client widths

Real responsive Email layouts

Why use Antwort?

Supports all major Email clients

According to December 2012 statistics on, Outlook is still the second most popular email client with 16% market share, more than Gmail and Android combined.

Unless your own email analytics shows different trends, you should consider Outlook support a high priority.

Email Client Antwort Zurb Email templates Media Query Support
Apple Mail (Desktop)
Apple Mail (iOS)
Android Email*
Outlook 2000/03
Outlook 2007/10/13+
Yahoo! Mail
AOL Mail

*N.B. Android Gmail app strips out media queries by default and therefore always shows desktop version. To view the mobile version use the Email app.


Author: Julie Ng (@jng5)
Released: January 2013
Version: 0.1

Antwort was created for InterNations GmbH and released under the MIT License.

Support Icons by Iconic.