How to Do Your Own

Caution: This procedure may have no beneficial effect whatsoever. It may, in fact, cause some physical conditions to become worse. Please be sure to read our entire disclaimer.

The hips often become misaligned from simple day-to-day living -- minor accidents, jarring, slipping, falling, sitting improperly, stepping off the curb wrong, and so forth.

Since the hips form the foundation for the rest of the entire body, hip alignment should be the first step of a full body treatment to ensure better results. If the hips have been misaligned for a long time it may take several treatments before they will stay aligned.


To level the bone structure of the hips


  1. Stand with your feet together, hands on top of your head. Have someone stand behind you and settle their hands onto the top of your hip bone on both sides of your body at your waist. Have them notice if the top of the hip bone is higher on one side than the other. If so, you need to align your hips. If both sides are even, your hips are in proper alignment and you do not need to do this procedure.

  2. Spread your feet about shoulder width apart, with your toes pointed inward. Keeping your back straight up and down, and without allowing your feet to move, slowly bend your knees and lower your body (like a "deep knee bend" exercise) as far as you can without discomfort. Still keeping your back straight up and down and your feet in the same position, return to a standing position. Repeat this action three times.

  3. Without moving your feet, rotate your hips in a large circle five times toward the lowest side. That is, if your right hip was lower, rotate clockwise five times; if your left hip was lower, rotate counterclockwise five times.

  4. Without moving your feet, do five more hip rotations in the opposite direction (toward the high-hip side).

  5. Without moving your heels, pull your toes toward each other (pigeon-toed) as far as possible. Do three more body dips (like step 2), being sure to keep your heels on the floor and your toes pointing inward.

  6. With your "low-side" foot, take one "giant step" forward, straightening your foot so that when you put it down it is facing straight forward. Bring your back foot forward to join its mate, and stand up nice and straight.

  7. Have your partner check your hip alignment again by repeating step 1.

  8. If your hips are still out of alignment, you may repeat this entire routine two or three times if necessary. If you are still out of alignment, let it rest for a few hours then try again. Remember, if you have been out of alignment for a long time, it"s going to take your body a long time to heal itself.