ACM 2012 Regionals

On Saturday, November 3, SFU will enter the regional round of the ACM International Programming Contest.  

Over 100 teams will compete from BC, Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Hawaii to decide who is the ultimate warrior between keyboard and chair.

The 5 teams from SFU are:

SFU Cardinal:

Andrew Henrey PhD candidate, Actuarial Science
Jiaxing Liang Dual Degree Program
Meng Lin MSc candidate, Computing Science

SFU Royal:

Yao Xie Dual Degree Program
Yuke Zhu MSc candidate, Computing Science
Chong Zhang Dual Degree Program

SFU Ivory:

Ahmed Abdelsadek MSc candidate, Computing Science
Kevin Fritzke Senior, Computing Science
David Woods Freshman, Computing Science

SFU Amethyst:  

William Chen Junior, Computing Science
George Xie Senior, Computing Science
Yongmin Yan MSc candidate, Computing Science

SFU Magenta:

Michael Carius Junior, Computing Science
Andrew Fuller Dual Degree Program
Jonathon Simister-Jennings Junior, Computing Science

Alternate: Ross Cawston (Junior, Computing Science)

Coach: Brad Bart

There will not be any cheerleaders at the event, but that doesn't mean you can't support them! Please do send them your words of encouragement.