THANK YOU so much to the coding heroes who heeded the call we put out to translate our latest South African 3.0 licenses into tidy HTML.
robot doodle CC BY maxkaizen
We now have the carefully crafted legal code, in a version for the machines to peruse and serve up on the Web for you. We’re THRILLED!

We roundly cheer:
Justin Slack @urbanrenewal &
Ian Barbour @barbourians  &
Steve Barnett @maxbarners & naga.coza

(please go show them some geeklove too – AND more importantly, because you KNOW you’ll need code mastercrafters on your side someday, check them out and get in contact).

We truly appreciate your time and labours guys. You help make the world suck less, and keep the commons powering strong.
Love, Creative Commons SA


Image Credit: Matthew Rice on Flickr CC licensed NC SA

Image Credit: Matthew Rice on Flickr: CC licensed NC SA