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    By on December 27, 2008

    Quick Definition: To say or do something that alters the context (“frame”) through which someone sees an idea or situation.

    Full Definition:

    Reframing is a key strategy in all areas of life, as even data can be subjective. There are many ways to reframe in a PU situation.

    alan shore reframe

    In the show Boston Legal, Morally Conflicted attorney Alan Shore is a master of the reframe.

    If the girl is shit testing the PUA, he can reframe with a smarter remark or ignore her altogether. For example:

    HB: Are you trying to pick us up? (in negative tone)

    PUA: Is that the first thing you say to anyone who approaches you? I had a simple question to ask the group, but it’s alright, I will ask someone else more polite.

    The PUA can reframe via the prizing mentality:

    HB: So what are you doing this weekend?

    PUA: Huh. Why, do you want to do something?

    HB: No! I was just asking everyone around the table.

    PUA: That’s cool. Let me know if you do. Don’t be shy.

    Reframing outside of PU:

    Life is short. We only have about 25,000 days to live on this Earth.

    Life is long, and the decisions we make today can affect the rest of our lives 10 years from now.

    Lawyers, sales men, advertising executives (Mad Men), the good ones at least, are all masters of the reframe. One of my favorite scenes from The Practice is Alan Shore’s ability to reframe any legal situation in his favor:


    Reframe the situation to your advantage and call out the CB for being a mother hen.

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