Renting Apartments in Medellin

Renting apartments in Medellin is a good experience because essentially, you get a lot for your money.

Typically, you will end up in a high rise such as this one:

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Apartments tend to be relatively cheap, large and available.

Imagine sitting on your own balcony sipping warm coffee in the morning or preparing a wonderful homemade meal with the superb ingredients you find at the supermarkets.

Many apartments in Medellin have their own swimming pool and have excellent gated security, especially in the more affluent parts of town such as El Poblado, Envigado or Laureles.

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There is no doubt that the cost of renting an apartment short term will offer a much higher standard than a hotel for the same price and making your own food will make a difference.

Most apartments in Medellin are very clean with tiled floors, often with good views and with cable TV with a number of English channels including film channels.

You can check out some short-term offers at the following websites:

Below is a picture of my wife talking to a real estate agent from Ramon H. This is in a good location fairly high in the hills above the main road known as El Superior. The view is spectacular.

apartments in medellin, medellin colombia, centro medellin, empresas publicas de medellin

One of the drawbacks of El Poblado is that it rains more than other parts of town because of prevailing winds that rise against the mountains and come down as rain. It is also a fairly trafficated part of town, but then again, so is everywhere now.


For a big city, you can rent a stunning apartment relatively cheaply.

For example, in El Poblado you can rent a 125m2 (1345 square feet), with 3 bedrooms, a very large living room, 4 bathrooms, very large balcony with a spacious kitchen and storage/ wash-room for US$ 1000 per month. This includes a spectacular view, large swimming pool, 2 parking spaces, gated with 24h security etc.

In El Poblado, a small studio apartment with balcony, parking, small swimming pool, security etc., would cost US$ 250 per month.

If you move to the less pricey parts of town, there are of course even cheaper possibilities.

Below is an image of the sort of kitchen you can expect in a decent apartment. The stove is included but the fridge and washer are not. Colombians almost never have dishwashers.

apartments in medellin, medellin colombia, centro medellin, empresas publicas de medellin

You can find info. about rentals in the classified section of the main newspaper for Medellin; El Colombiano.

Under "Propiedad Raiz" select, "Arriendo". From there, select Zona 2 for El Poblado etc., or another part of town if you want.

Select the area, house or apartment, size etc., to browse through listings.

Alternatively, you can go through an agent such as Coninsa Ramon H. or drive around and spot an apartment by the big "Arriendo" sign in the window that always has a phone number on it, either to the agency or the owner. You can also talk to the porter downstairs who fairly often will let you see the apartment or give you the number to the owner.

Agencies do require credit checks and this can be tricky without credit history, a bank account or work. If you have these, great. If not, convincing them is possible and especially if you put down a few months extra.

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