Event date: August 2, 2014

Time: 4:00 pm

Location: H.W. Hunter Pavilion                

Tickets:  $10 Pre-event, $12 at the door

A cherished tradition of the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival has been the naming of Miss Antelope Valley to lead her royal court of community queens. Miss Antelope Valley and the community queens reign over the fair festivities as well as serving as ambassadors in many events throughout the Valley including working at various Chamber events, Children’s Charities fundraisers, luncheons and special functions, lending their talent and generating community goodwill.

Although young women had been awarded the crown since 1912, the Antelope Valley Fair did not begin sponsoring the contest until 1945. In the early years, the queen was determined by which contestant sold the most tickets and raised the most money for charitable projects.

This year, fifteen extraordinary young women, each wearing a crown representing their respective communities, will vie for the title of Miss Antelope Valley 2014. The 70th Annual Pageant will be held at the Poppy Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 4pm. Since 1948, the Tournament of Roses Queen Committee has participated in the selection the Miss Antelope Valley. 

Over the years, scholarships have become a welcome and much needed addition to the Miss Antelope Valley experience. 

Current Miss Antelope Valley 2013, Miss Jasmine Alniami, Miss City of Palmdale, will pass the crown to the new Queen, who will reign over the 2014 Antelope Valley Fair (August 15 – 24, 2014). The pageant is a highly anticipated event, culminating in the coronation of a single Queen to represent the entire Antelope Valley.

Reading Room: The Queens will be having a Reading Room during Fair time in August in the Agriculture Building from 4-6pm weekdays and 2-5pm weekends.

With the Queens scholarship program each of the girls has the opportunity to earn a percentage of what they raise.

The top 4 girls who bring in the most money from scholarship and fundraising also receive an additional percentage of the total scholarship raised that year.

Miss Antelope Valley will get at least 60 % of the total scholarship raised.

Over the last 14 years, since the program started in 2000, the girls have raised over $200,000 dollars for educational scholarships. 6 of the past Miss Antelope Valley Queens have used their scholarship to earn their college degrees.


Agendas: Click to download
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November 2010
April 2011
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July 2011

2014 Pageant Contestants:

Brooke Lohman - Miss Acton
Jayme Fairlee - Miss Antelope Acres
Jaycee Jackson - Miss Boron
Emily Booth - Miss California City
Casaundra King - Miss Eastside
Brooklyn Alcott - Miss Hughes/Elizabeth Lake
Meladie Saunders - Miss Lake Los Angeles
Halley Arntz - Miss Lancaster
Rachel Bartfai - Miss Leona Valley
Merysa Rangel - Miss Mojave
Felicia Flores - Miss Palmdale
Mikayla Yarman - Miss Quartz Hill
Taylor Herider - Miss Rancho Vista
Brittany Ebeltoft - Miss Rosamond
Tiffany Rea - Miss Tehachapi*

*Miss Tehachapi: Tiffany Rea withdrew from the pageant


Past Community Queens
2014     Emily Booth         California City
2013     Jasmine Alniami     Palmdale
2012     Shannon Gonzales     Rancho Vista
2011     Ivy Bedard     Palmdale
2010     Hannah Fernquist     Lancaster
2009     Lindsey Williams     Rosamond
2008     Carly Wellrich     Rancho Vista
2007    Kelsey David    Littlerock
2006    Dorothy Eileen Roe    Littlerock
2005    Erin Swetland    Quartz Hill
2004    Tiffany Lyon    Boron
2003    Natasha LaBarba    Rancho Vista
2002    Jennifer Verseput    Littlerock
2001    Laura Manley    Mojave
2000    Lisa Nemback    Hughes/Elizabeth Lakes
1999    Marisa Mileski    Lancaster
1998    Vanessa Crossman    Quartz Hill
1997    Brandy DeJongh    Leona Valley
1996    Andrea Cadmus    Quartz Hill
1995    Wendi Rae Connell    Palmdale
1994    Wendy Enneking    Agua Dulce
1993    Sharon Harrington    Acton
1992    Kristie Monjack    Quartz Hill
1991    Holly Castillo    Quartz Hill
1990    Nichelle Crosser    Acton
1989    Jamie DeWitt    Palmdale
1988    Suzanne Pridgen    Mojave
1987    Annette Cooper    Agua Dulce
1986    R’Neta Vietzke    Boron
1985    Keala Cyrus    California City
1984    Johnna Hall    Rosamond
1983    Julianna Ehlers    Lake Los Angeles
1982    Judy Farrell    Antelope Acres
1981    Kelly Moore    Lancaster
1980    Sheryl Hodges    Eastside
1979    Teri Markley    Antelope Acres
1978    Carola McKell    Palmdale
1977    Cheri Van Dam    Eastside
1976    Anne Hanson    Lake Hughes
1975    Kim Ford    Boron
1974    Jackie Fleming    Boron
1973    Cheri Ellerkamp    Lancaster
1972    Deborah Forrest    Antelope Acres
1971    Carol Keipe    Palmdale
1970    Vicki Hoff    Littlerock
1969    Jeri Adelsbach    North Edwards
1968    Sabra Hudson    Westside
1967    Terri Sonleitner    Quartz Hill
1966    Peggy Babcock    Lancaster
1965    Sheila Taylor    Boron
1964    Harriet Morsefield    Westside
1963    Rhonda Cox    California City
1962    Annabeth Snare    Lancaster
1961    Cheryl Meline    Lancaster
1960    Priscilla Strozzi    Edwards
1959    Charlene Anglin    Quartz Hill
1958    Sandra Mingus    Pearblossom
1957    Judy Snyder    Palmdale
1956    Deonne Pomtier    Boron
1955    Donna Neilsen    Elizabeth Lake
1954    Barbara Schumaker    Rosamond
1953    Joan Bennett    Westside
1952    Gerri Muschinski    Green Valley
1951    Phyllis Mertz    Lancaster
1950    12 Royal Misses shared the title
1949    Jean Nelson    Westside
1948    Ethelvina Tona    Leona Valley
1947    Donna Spain    Eastside
1946    Betty Harter    Tierra Bonita
1945    Lois Brown    Roosevelt

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